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March 18, 2015 / Fantelius

America’s Unexceptional Exceptional Racism

By their own declarations Americans, particularly the upper layers, consider themselves exceptional. And they are. In many ways. Although all people own exceptional attributes and qualities, the Yankee brand is obese with racism, the type that includes prejudice, xenophobia, chauvinism and bigotry in general, and manifests itself in a conviction of superiority, übermensch, history’s chosen rulers …

This is in no way exceptional for an empire. On the contrary, it’s typical. The upper layers of all empires, without exception, have worn the robe of superiority as though it were their birthright.

This atmosphere of exceptional superiority contaminates the population at large and allows the rulers to disregard laws, propagate lies and commit crimes with immunity. Superior good-guys are basically good-guys no matter what they do.

I will cite a single university professor to illustrate how this exceptional racism can infect a mind. Speaking against the use of drones because it creates enemies, the professor says,
“when a drone sows death and injury among these (tribal) people, their response is to seek retribution and a remedy for dishonor. For people living on the margins of the modern world, honor and revenge are anything but atavistic (ancient) throwbacks to a previous era.”

He implies that these ”tribal” people ”living on the margins of the modern world” react differently than other people; that their reaction is from a previous era.

Unbelievable! World class stupidity. What would be the response of sophisticated urbanites if a foreign force flew into their country, killed a few family and friends and flew away? Everyone but an exceptionally arrogant superior person can answer that question. They’d burn with desire to get hold of any representative of the foreign force, and, in the words of Marsellus from Pulp Fiction, get medieval on their ass.

For every hour of every day more and more people in the world are seeking ways to get medieval with the representatives of the exceptional American empire.



“A university education seldom includes humility, but often arrogance.”
Dartwill Aquila





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  1. Sans palinurus / Mar 18 2015 9:05 am

    The kind of hubris that you illustrate always in the end in Greek tragedy leads to
    Nemesis. A lot of people are waiting

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