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April 11, 2015 / Fantelius

In Case of Nuclear Attack

Must people believe that there are limits to what the rulers are prepared to do. Some things are just too crazy, destructive, counterproductive, insane, whatever.
Wrong! History bulges with examples of rulers who acted against their own best interests. No basis for belief in rational rulers exists. We don’t have to wonder if they will act compassionately, because bodies, blood and screams throughout the world testifying to their psychopathic nature.

The rulers, those in control of national decisions, are diseased with greed. (That is not a metaphor.) Despite how that sounds, it accurately describes their mindset. They are locked into maintaining and increasing the size of their wealth and possessions. Other considerations don’t appear within their field of vision. Proof of their indifference to nature and life itself accumulates daily.

Today’s rulers, unlike those before them, possess an extraordinary arsenal. Never before have such powerful weapons, humanity-annihilating weapons, been at the disposal of demented commanders.

Frightened? You should be.



“Humanity is willing to share its strength with you.
It merely asks that you use yours to do what you can.”
Dartwill Aquila




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