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April 14, 2015 / Fantelius

What To Do?

We are in an apocalyptic struggle for the survival of humanity. It doesn’t get seriouser than that. It is therefore important to remind ourselves of the joys of life and the honor of being part of this struggle.

1. Lock into your humanity. Your nation, religion, race, sex or any other identification or affiliation is subordinate to your humanity. We are in this together as humans. This is our unity, our strength, our key to survival. Without this unifying force our enemies will find ways to get us to fight among ourselves. As humans we are invincible.

2. Don’t waste time and energy on the clowns in the circus of the rulers. What they do and don’t do as well as what they say and promise have no bearing on anything. They are diversions, junk entertainment. Elections, debates, scandals, etc. are distractions. The strategy and tactics of the empire on the other hand hold significant interest, but are rarely accessible to the public before they come down as packaged laws and policy.

Specific questions at local elections can have significance.

2a. Implied in the encouragement to avoid getting interested in the circus of the rulers, is the plea to avoid their communications as much as possible. The mainstream media produces predominantly disinformation spiced with a little real information to give it a bit of taste.

Many people are as addicted to their daily newspaper as crack-head is to crack. These good and otherwise knowledgeable people consuming their daily dose of mainstream media are dependably ignorant of the forces in conflict today, but pride themselves on being well-informed.

3. Get together! Even if with one other person to start with. Meet regularly. Discuss what you can do to help, inform and support the people around you. Make plans and set goals. Remember, you need only do what you can.

4. The empire runs on consumption. Don’t buy or consume any UNNECESSARY corporate products. We need, for the most part, smart phones, cars, medicine, etc. We do not need fast food from corporate chains, sodas, cigarettes, sugared breakfast cereals and packaged junk in general. Let’s sanction them. Why should we only boycott, divest and sanction Israel? Isn’t the US just as culpable?

5. What tasks or services can you exchange under the radar of the authorities. Flash restaurants, for example. John will be making dinner for – cheap price – on Thursday and can accommodate 6 to 8 people. Bring your own drink.
Wash my windows and I’ll paint your fence. Pick up my kids and do your shopping. And so on…

There are 1000s of things we can do because we must start doing everything. We are the new world. When the old world falls because of our efforts, the new one should already be operational.

6. Suggestion for a world campaign. Stopping bombing. Everywhere. The world should be a non-fly zone. Anyone dropping bombs is an aggressor. Anyone!

What do you think? Comments marked Private will not be posted, but I’ll answer them.



“Everyone doing what they can
is enough to do everything that needs to be done.”
Dartwill Aquila





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  1. camelien / Apr 16 2015 9:57 am

    “What they do and don’t do as well as what they say and promise have no bearing on anything.” An excellent statement encompassing much left unsaid in the media re complicit politicians seemingly everywhere doing ’empire’s bidding in its quest for a NWO, yes?

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