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April 16, 2015 / Fantelius

Love Is Also On The Move

Standing on our little mound of information we look out on the world and try to grasp a picture of our times. We don’t see the deep and powerful currents of the ocean or those moving through the ocean of humanity. We can’t see the shifting of the earth, its magnetic forces or the dynamic shifts of humanity’s energy. It may as well be happening at the restaurant at the end of the universe.

Enormous political changes ripple through the human community. We know they’re happening but can’t gauge the pace. We know so little about so much. WWII lasted for less than 5 years. What will the world be like in 5 years? Much, much different. Here’s where our hopes can find nourishment. Truth, beauty, justice, solidarity and love are also on the move. Life is on the move.


light feeds
beauty promises
warmth nourishes
harmony pleases
gentleness comforts
breeze caresses
togetherness strengthens
openness encourages
roots support
honesty builds
care cures
justice guides
truth teaches
solidarity unites

Dartwill Aquila




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