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April 22, 2015 / Fantelius

Genopartheid and the Media

Communication and Information

The strength and health of a society depends on the flow of information throughout the community. Without this flow of information a community cannot adapt to changing circumstances.

This is both simple and profound, but unintelligible without understanding the difference between information and communication.

Communication transports messages, words or pictures.
Information provides knowledge by removing uncertainty.

Mom: Where are you going?
Teen: Out.

Communication between mom and child = 100% (Messages sent and received.)
Information exchanged = 0% (Mom already knew her daughter was on the way out.)

If the teen had said, ”I’m going to meet John,” a little info would be provided.
If she said, ”I’m going to John’s house to study anatomy for a couple of hours and will be home by eight.” The quality of information would increase considerably.

The more uncertainty that information eliminates the better its quality.

The mass-media claims to provide information, but saturates us instead with massive communication lacking information or disinforming us. Instead of removing uncertainty, it creates uncertainty. We are made to feel inadequate, uncertain and anxious. We are told what to wear, eat, buy, think and do as though we were incapable of making these decisions ourselves, and are shown celebrity role models who, despite the excellence of their talents, possess superficial or insignificant qualities relating to the health and strength of our community.

Genopartheid (genocide + apartheid) genocide under apartheid form, for example, continues a process in Israel that has been devastating Palestinian lives for years. It progresses in silence while the media reports on TV contests, sports and thousands of of happenings that have no influence on the condition of our lives. Geopartheid is but one example of significant events throughout the world not considered worthy of attention and information. People are suffering and dying everywhere while the media diverts us away from these events, suggesting that only the leaders, authorities and experts are capable of understanding and dealing with these serious affairs. If we knew the truth about what’s going on, if we were informed, we would see that the leaders, authorities and experts are complicit in causing the problems or are directly responsible for them. Truth is an enemy of the rulers.

We need information. We need truth. We are not going to get it from its enemies.



“We know everything we need to know to find out what we want to know.”
Dartwill Aquila




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