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April 24, 2015 / Fantelius

Beauty, Love & Health


Beauty, love and health are not constants.

If you rip up a mountain forest and frack the hell out of the landscape, you rip up beauty and replace it with ugly.
If you start wars and spread conflict, you tear up love and replace it with hate.
If you contaminate the oceans, pollute the air and commercialize the nourishment out of food, you break down health and replace it with sickness.

Of course it’s not you who is diminishing beauty, love and health in the world. You’re just a victim. Not an innocent one, but at least you are discussing this with friends, relatives and other people in search of a way to reverse the trend, aren’t you?


“Beauty and love are eternal.
But there are places they don’t like to go.”

Dartwill Aquila




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