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April 29, 2015 / Fantelius

Human Needs, Human Wants

Humans share all of their needs in common and most of their wants. Their beliefs, nationalities, races, genders and other superficial differences do not affect their humanity. That’s biology. Beliefs change, races blend, nationalities shift, but the biological core of humanity remains constant.

If you are not walking the common human path forward, you are lost. Lost in another time, another world. Humans want peace, justice, respect, beauty, security, freedom, food, laughter, homes, work, friends, family, hugs, song, dance, honesty, trust and love. All humans, no matter how they’ve adapted to their environment, what they look like, what they wear, how they live… humans.

If you are not walking the common human path forward, you are lost. You can join us along the path and take any intellectual baggage you choose. That’s up to you. You are taking part in the struggle for humanity’s survival as a human regardless of your intellectual baggage.

We must resist the prevailing order that is geared toward economic gain. We’re living in Monopoly, but the game never ends. That’s sick! As are many of the people living under this order. Humans believe in the dignity of humans. All community policy has one and only one main priority, humans, to improve the conditions of the humans.

Nothing short of humans can save humanity.



“Anemone nemorosa conquers the forest floor with beauty
whether you like it or not.”
Dartwill Aquila




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