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May 4, 2015 / Fantelius

Human baggage, God’s Attention

You are a human
in spite of your cultural baggage
and are a type of human
because of your cultural baggage.
You must choose what baggage to meet the future.
No one should have to abandon their god
to join humanity,
but it might be advisable to question
what god wants and needs in today’s world.
The world has changed.
So should our relationship to god.
Does god show any interest in how people dress,
what symbols they wear, what buildings they pray in,
what books they read, what ceremonies they perform?
It doesn’t appear so.
God’s attention seems captured by
how humans treat each other?
They don’t need God’s permission to be kind,
respectful, tolerant, honest, helpful;
to resist tyranny, to struggle for justice
and to be merciful.
But they can’t expect to capture God’s attention
if they are not.

Dartwill Aquila




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