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May 23, 2015 / Fantelius

Humanity’s Chances of Transportation

Picture text by Dartwill Aquila

Picture text by Dartwill Aquila

Humanities chances of survival grow weaker, slimmer and dimmer for every day.

The sick environment is one indication. Global warming is a euphemism, a nice sounding term, for environmental fever. The environment has a fever. Something is not well. Fever is the most common symptom of an infection or an inflammation. What is causing the fever? The environment is twisting and turning, sweating and shivering in extreme weather conditions. We know for certain that the increasing output of gases such as Carbon and Methane affects the environment the way increased smoking affects a lung patient. That’s our environment. Humanity has a fever! It must be cured.

We can start by eliminating unnecessary causes of gas emissions. Humanity will survive without combustion engine (CE) motor racing. Painful? Yes. Necessary? Yes. But will humanity survive without the talent, know-how and intelligence in the racing community? Let’s hope we wont have to find out.

There’s a lot of talent and know-how in the racing car community. You’ll bump into or pass more engineering talent per square meter at a racing competition than you will on any campus in the nation. Imagine these people working on alternative forms of transportation attempting to use reliable energy sources such as the sun, wind, batteries, potato skins, whatever. Let them figure it out. They have the ability and intelligence.

Motor sports is going to have to kick its addiction to combustion engines (CE). The transition to new low-energy vehicles should go quickly with realization that this is pioneer territory. Here’s the future of transportation. It’s open country out there. The new racing vehicles using sun power and/or batteries are attracting ever larger audiences and wilder solutions, everything from self-powered bike-like vehicles to vehicles driven with liquid air.

These former employees of CE racing should find employment in firms and institutions developing—or racing—new forms of transportation. We trust these professionals to help transport us into the future.

I’ve used motor sports as an example of unnecessary gas emissions. There are many more. Not to mention the giga-giant of them all, the military. Eliminating the military in the world would be enough to break the fever in the environment. Even more so if the resources that went into weapon production were diverted to the production of tools, instruments, machines, gadets and toys to support and enhance the health of humanity.

Should humanity survive its present sickness, the possibilities for future transportation will make our present model look like a candle compared to stadium floodlights. That’s in the future. You can see it from here.





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  1. camelien / May 23 2015 1:28 pm

    Tesla found and tried to initiate ‘free energy’ but was fed to the fishes before implementation could be realized …globally; that extraordinary tale needs to be known to realize how ‘dumbed-down’ humanity truly has become.

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