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June 8, 2015 / Fantelius

The System is not Broken.

We constantly hear that the (American) system is broken. It’s not. The system works the way it is supposed to work. It functions as it must, and eventually must lead to the present state of affairs.

The Roman Empire, the Geek Empire, the Persian Empire, the Ottoman, the Spanish, the British, the Dynasties of the East and the present American Empire are all the predictable outcomes of a system where might decides. It matters little if it’s military might, political might, religious might or our present system of economic might.

Think of the game monopoly. As long as we play by the rules, one person ends up with all the money. That’s basically the rules the present system plays by. The rules of buy and sell, money’s rule. Money’s rule differs in time, style and customs from the systems of power exemplified by the Empires mentioned above, but it’s a difference of form, not substance. Power rules. That’s the name of the game. Always has been. Always will be. We have almost 10 thousand years of experience with these systems of domination. We should know them by now.

Claiming that the present system is broken implies that it can be fixed.
We rarely hear anyone suggesting that broken system should be discarded. We need to fix it = repair it. In other words, let’s make the empire work.

Have you heard a progressive (populist) government official or any candidate for election demand that the USA dismantle the empire and close down the foreign bases? Of course not. Should any country have bases on foreign land? Of course not… unless it is an exceptional country. Should any one country have special rights and privileges? Of course not… unless it has the economic and military might to crown itself an exceptional country.

The system is not broken. A system of domination does what a system of domination has to do. All empires end with vast destruction throughout the extent of the empire. Now, with global reach and digital power, humanity itself may be the victim.

People’s power is the only hope for salvation.



“Some humans grow at the expense of others
in the body of humanity.
This is cancer.”
Dartwill Aquila




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