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September 4, 2015 / Fantelius

The Clowns of War

We seem to have three main players in the present War of Survival; the aggressors, the clueless and the clowns.

The aggressors are the commanders of corporate enterprises also known as the 1%. From behind the scenes of public scrutiny they drive developments toward enriching and empowering themselves despite their already mind-boggling wealth and power. Their obsessive quest for ever more profits devastates everything in their path, be it people or nature. Like any parasite, they will eventually destroy themselves when they’ve sucked the life out of the system they are dependent upon.

The clueless are the people in general who are unaware of the course of events. Drugged on the disinformation pouring down from the heights of power (the corporate controlled media and the institutions of culture and authority), they are even unaware that the War of Survival is raging.

The clowns are the privileged intellectuals and progressives who criticize the symptoms of the war and believe themselves to be opposing the aggressors by demonstrating against their policies and appealing to them to do things differently. They are as effective in resisting the aggressors as a bandage on the stomach of a cancer patient.

”China needs another generation to master the difficult juggling act of capitalism. But Chinese, who are by nature brilliant businessmen, will learn.”
This quote is from an article about China’s economy (Beijing Bingo in ICH, Aug 30, 2015) by Eric S. Margolis whose words radiate out from the pages of the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, Times of London and other heavy publications. Note that he speaks of the Chinese as ”by nature brilliant businessmen”. ”By nature” implies a genetic aptitude for business. Either Mr. Margolis has some inside information about biology and the genetic code of humans or, despite his intellectual merit list, he’s stupid. Not ignorant. Stupid! Stupid like in assuming one can ”master the difficult juggling act of capitalism”. Whatever that might be.

Although Eric is more clueless than clown, his words illustrate the low level of high intellectuals. The real clowns are those who rally the citizens to demonstrations and try to engage them in the circus of election politics to influence who will be part of the administration of the aggressors. The basic strategy of war aims at weakening the opponent while strengthening one’s own forces. The people who are buying UNNECESSARY corporate products such as sugared cereals and sodas as well as eating at fast-food chains are aiding the aggressors. Any intellectual, progressive or trench blogger who fails to point out the War of Survival is either clueless or a clown. Judging by the progress of the war, there seems to be quite a lot of both.



“Stupidity comes in all shapes and sizes
and can fit a pimp, prude, priest, prince or president.”
Dartwill Aquila




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  1. camelien / Sep 4 2015 11:16 am

    A ‘third party’ [social democratic one] is about to become the ruling government in Canada; the October 19th federal election will deliver its validity …in Canada.

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