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September 14, 2015 / Fantelius

Warning: Authority

The System Humanity blog states under its name:
Photography & philosophy

Most readers forget the photography part while passing by to get to the philosophy. That’s what we do these days. We constantly rush through a storm of communication, all of it claiming to be information. Don’t believe it. Communication itself is a neutral carrier of content. Who is supplying the content? Could it be the people who own the means of communication? The content—the message sent by communication—can contain information as well as disinformation. The difference is vital.
Information removes uncertainty, disinformation does not. It’s that easy.

– Where are you going?
– Out.
That was communication without information. ”Out” was obvious and removed no uncertainty.

– Where are you going?
– I’m going to study with a friend.
This smells like disinformation. It adds more uncertainty than it removes.

– Where are you going?
– I’m going to Adam Jason on the next street. You know the Jasons. We’re going to study anatomy. I’ll be home before 10.
That was a thick parcel of information. Who, where, what, and when.

Information removes uncertainty, disinformation does not.
Are the majority of the people certain or uncertain about their jobs and their living conditions?
Are they certain or uncertain about climate change and environmental fever?
How certain are they about the military and the wars that only seem to spread?
How do they feel about a congress bought by corporate lobbying, the legalized brand of corruption practiced in a land of freedom?
Are they not to be uncertain of politicians who say one thing and do another?
How certain are they of their medicine and medical treatment?

Authority drench us in communication messages from newspapers, magazines and books; radio, TV, film, music, the net and ads everywhere. Let us not forget the ads.
Has all this, or any of this, removed any uncertainty? Have we become more knowledgeable and less confused? Less fearful for the future?

But I repeat myself. I’ve said all of this in the picture.
So take warning!



“How often do the conclusions of authorities favor authorities?”
Dartwill Aquila




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  1. camelien / Sep 14 2015 10:52 am

    “The medium is the message.” – Marshall McLuhan

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