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September 17, 2015 / Fantelius

Truth Can Glow in the Night

From an article by Gary Leupp in Counterpunch, Sept. 15, 2015:
“Bush destroyed Iraq’s infrastructure, its institutions, its ruling party and its army. Then he destroyed its social fabric, which had permitted widespread Sunni-Shiite intermarriage and religiously integrated neighborhoods.”

How did Bush destroy “Iraq’s infrastructure, its institutions, its ruling party and its army”? With bombs, bullets and violence. Read the first sentence of Gary’s quotation again and try to imagine piles of torn and dead bodies between each letter.

The second sentence unmasks the nature of the beast. They destroyed widespread “Sunni-Shiite intermarriage and religiously integrated neighborhoods.”
Sunni-Shiite intermarriage = love.
Religiously integrated = love fertile

How did they destroy love? Love can’t be shot or bombed. Not directly. A couple of agents plant a bomb among the Sis and blame it on the Ses. A retaliatory action against the Ses by (agents) Sis gets the ball of violence rolling. The conflict and deaths can now grow by itself quickly wiping out love like a plague. Replacing weddings with armed conflict is called “destroying social fabric.”

What sort of beast kills love and promotes hate so that people fight among themselves instead of uniting to resist conquest? The beast has many names. Call it what you like, but remain focused on Killer of love – Promotor of hate.

Stay focused!



“An angel told me that it’s silly to believe in angels.
It’s like believing in air.”
Dartwill Aquila




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  1. camelien / Sep 17 2015 10:50 am

    America is a felon and harbinger of megalomania perpetrating chaos and division wherever it stretches its oligarchic wings and inserts its invasive empirical talons to hold down and decimate sovereign nations who won’t submit to ‘American interests’ in lieu of its reported rhetoric aired in mainstream media re delivering ‘freedom & democracy’ to the world. War is a lie; war is a crime.

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