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November 17, 2015 / Fantelius

Black Lives DON’T Matter – 2

(Read the first Black Lives DON’T Matter )


The slogan Black Lives Matter is one of those empty slogans that sound good, but say nothing and go nowhere. Black lives matter! And? So what? It’s also a racist slogan if we ask, ”If Black lives matter which lives don’t?”

Compare the BLM-slogan to:
”Thou shall not kill!“
”Thou shall not shoot unarmed people.”
”Murder by police is still murder”
… and any number of slogans that say something.

Why not point out that
Killing an unarmed person could be an accident.
Killing two unarmed people could be an accident and a mistake.
Killing a hundred unarmed people is the signature of a death squad,
and the main tactic to promote division among people.

Who is the BLM-slogan directed to?
The murdering goons?
The authorities who don’t prosecute them?
The Black president under whose watch more Black people have been murdered and imprisoned than any other president in recent times?

Wake the fuck up, brothers and sisters! Ain’t nobody going to help you. No one is going to give you justice. Same-o, same-o for all the people, regardless of color, creed or bend, paying dues to the corporate commanders (the 1%) squeezing ever more profit from sweat, blood, pain and despair.

Vengence may be sweet and retaliation desirable, but attacking the institutions of power is suicide. It won’t work. Use instead the power you do have to do what you can to help each other.
Any poor neighborhood contains many people who acquire and maintain an unhealthy body by consuming corporate junk products while aiding the wealth of corporations. Teach and help the people to make their own food and drink plain water, as opposed to the expensive and unhealthy artificial soft poisons peddled by the real oppressors as the real thing. Not revolutionary enough? That’s proof of the need of an education that official schooling will not provide. Who is going to teach our youth if not ourselves. The schools are as much institutions of the prevailing power as are the police. Isn’t it time that the Black people do for health and education what they did for music and dance? Jazz health and Break-dance education!

And isn’t it time for everyone to do what Jesus and Mohammed did for unity and solidarity? Realize our sameness under one God, or in the face of life’s holiness, or through the spirit of humanity, or by the grace of universal love.
All lives matter.



“Man was … given a Will,
So that his acts should reflect God’s universal Will and Law,
And his mind, freely choosing,
Should experience the sublime joy
Of being in harmony with the Infinite,
And with the great drama of the world around him,
And with his own spiritual growth.”
Abdullah Yusuf Ali, 1934




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