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December 29, 2015 / Fantelius

5 Dartwill Future Quotes


The future is near when the years change sides.
We hear her tell Beauty how Money has lied.
Her dress is torn; we see that she’s cried,
but this daughter of Truth simply takes it in stride.
She’s married to Justice and has nothing to hide
except her surprises and the route of her ride.

The future is coming
dressed in struggle and opportunities
picking up speed and possibilities.
The sparkle of promise in her smile of youth
is a reflection bouncing off the blade of truth.
She’ll touch us all as she passes through
yet before we feel it she’ll start coming anew.

If humanity continues to value things more than people,
the future will make humanity a thing of the past.

You own no responsibility for the past,
and cannot decline your heritage of the future.

May you have the courage to accept the past,
the strength to bear the present
and the wisdom to shape the future.




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