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January 11, 2016 / Fantelius

A Black Black Racist

Glen Ford is the executive editor of BAR. If you didn’t know better and made a guess based on his article, Why the Feds Punk Out When Confronting White Rightwing Insurgents you might think that BAR stood for Black American Racist instead of the official Black Agenda Report.

Glen’s article pretends to deal with the occupation of a federal wildlife sanctuary in Oregon. It doesn’t. Not even close. Editor Ford exploits this snowy white opportunity to stoke the flames of coal black racism. Not a single word about the issues of the conflict, but blasts of name-calling against the protesters and mounds of information about black oppression.

Unquestionably, blacks are treated viciously more unjustly than whites in the USA. And it is probably true as Glen quotes, ”if the gunmen were Muslim or Black, they’d already be dead.” It is also true that tons of apples are sold compared to kilos of pineapples. Why deal with the price and quality of the one when discussing the other?

The survival of the rulers depend on keeping the people divided. They fan the flames of hate between races, religions, ethnic groups, sexes, regions, ages, whatever whenever possible. The people must remain divided for the 1% to continue to take ever more resources and to capitalize on the energy of the citizens. Is Glen Ford so foolish to be unaware of his service to the rulers, the Lords of Capital?

The protesters in Oregon who officially call themselves Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, but who Glen calls Bearded Bastards (four times in the short article), are in a confrontation with the government. The same government that persecutes, imprisons and kills Black people. Yet Glen attacks the protesters because they are white and sympathizes with U.S. law enforcement that has to deal with these ”bearded bastards, many of whom hate Wall Street almost as much as they do the federal government”.

If Glen could get his head out of his racist ass long enough to take a look around, he might notice that the American people in general and the people of color in particular ”hate Wall Street almost as much as they do the federal government”.

Is Glen Ford so foolish to be unaware of his service to the rulers? I have no idea, but judging from this article, I’d say that he’s too smart to be so stupid.

See: Oregon militants



“Black, white and tan, red, yellow and brown
beautiful colors in humanity’s gown
torn with sharp names in a hate-paved town.
The blood that is spilt on group-named ground
has but one color and flows with no sound
out of the victims of improper nouns.”
Dartwill Aquila




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