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January 29, 2016 / Fantelius

Twin Towers of Forbidden 9/11 Truth



Many people still believe the official story of the Great Crime committed on September 11, 2001. This is partly about those people, partly about the official story, but mainly about the rest of us, the truthers as we often call each other, and the implications of the crime. A false reality should have fallen with the truth, but hasn’t. It’s time for us truthers to step up to the next level.


1. Fundamental Truths
2. Imperial Truth
3. Biological Truths
Patriotic Response
Leadership Orientation
Personal Worth
4. Forbidden Truths
Bad News About Daddy
Good News About Daddy
The Best News

1. Fundamental Truths


The official explanation of the Great Crime committed on 9/11 is as false as the emperor’s new clothes. Even a child can see the difference between a match and a firecracker, between a fire and an explosion. A fourteen-year-old has enough experience of the world to know that a paper clip can bend or twist but can’t collapse. Steel doesn’t collapse. The steel-framed WTC buildings did. Now that over 2000 professional architects and engineers have shown us that World Trade Center buildings 1, 2 & 7 must have been brought down by controlled demolition, the official explanation of the Great Crime should be rubble. It isn’t.

… very little of the evidence can be explained by the
hypothesis of fire-induced failure … all of it
can be explained by the hypothesis of controlled
Beyond Misinformation, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 TRUTH


Had the Great Crime been a normal crime, kids could have pointed out the perpetrators during the first week. Who tries to prevent an investigation if not those involved in the crime? Top government authorities avoided an investigation and nobody above them could do much about it. There was nobody above them.

Public opinion generated by family members of those killed created pressure for an investigation. Persistent pressure made refusal an embarrassment that threatened to develop into an incriminating glow. 17 months after the Great Crime, the top authorities set up a commission of sub-authorities to create an official report confirming the official explanation of events. Politicians conducted an inquiry of politicians. No professional criminal investigator or forensic expert participated. A criminal investigation of the Great Crime has never been conducted.


Although hundreds of flaws can be found in the official story, the collapsing buildings and the refusal to investigate should be enough to expose the fraud as clearly as a child pointing out the emperor’s naked body. Yet millions of people embrace the illusion. They are dazzled by the magnificent story, drugged by the media’s treatment and cannot absorb the idea that their representatives could act in such a manner. Truthers are not entirely innocent in allowing the illusion to survive.

Many truthers lash out at those blinded by the false flag, antagonizing them rather than winning them. Their frustration causes them to blame the victims, the propagandized citizens. They commonly accuse the people of stupidity and contemptuously call them sheeple. Impressed with their own awareness, these truthers prove to be unaware that the so-called sheeple are their only hope of gathering sufficient strength to bring the criminals to justice. They also show a weak understanding of the power of the rulers to shape the intellectual atmosphere through the corporate domination of the cultural sphere while managing perception through psychological operations.

The minds of the people are colonized by the prevailing order. Shouting insults at the victims will not liberate them.

2. Imperial Truth

Conventional wisdom claims that the Great Crime changed everything. Nonsense. Nothing changed. The crime was a false flag operation, a tactic, a maneuver to implement a policy that was already in progress. The policy was called The Project for the New American Century—to be realized through “full-spectrum dominance”. The Great Crime was a catalyst. The invasion of Afghanistan, that had axed a billion dollar pipeline deal, and Iraq, that had abandoned the dollar base for trading oil, were the initial objectives. The Twin Towers fell like gates of a castle to be stormed.

The invasion of Iraq should have exposed the USA as the international chief of destruction and evil. It was 400 to 500 times more destructive and death-bringing than the Great Crime. Yet the chief-of-evil USA continues to parade on the world scene as an honorable nation.

The Project for the New American Century functioned as a roadmap for the Empire. It followed the same basic pattern of all empires, which are, without exception, enterprises of conquest and control. The Great Crime and the invasion of Iraq are merely two expressions of an empire in our times. Its other wars and conflicts, the surveillance apparatus, the disintegration of freedoms, increased poverty, economic crisis and extreme inequality, militarization of society, corruption in general and a government of bribe-saturated millionaires in particular are all symptoms.

Empires always, without exception, consider themselves exceptional, superior, with a destiny to rule and a right to do as they wish. Study the life of any empire, or any great power, and witness the same tendencies and patterns of growth, consolidation and decline in all of them. The Great Crime no more changed the trajectory of the empire, than a bee sting changes the character of a person.

The suppression and impoverishment of the citizens at home proceed alongside the devastation of people abroad. The oligarchs at the court of the empire strive to increase their wealth and power wherever and however possible. They did so in Rome and in every other empire up until the present one. The American Empire with 700 military bases throughout the world and economic interests everywhere is no exception.

“auri sacra fames” = the cursed hunger for wealth
Virgil, 20 BCE

3. Biological Truths

Although dissatisfied and highly critical of the government, of authorities and of corporate power, citizens house an inadequate perception of the forces that rule or the system of empire under which they live.

Patriot Response

Our biological construction plays a significant role in the obedient behavior of the people. Patriotism is part of our nature, a defense mechanism written into our DNA. We are hard wired to defend our community. As with other society building creatures such as ants and bees, the Homo sapiens’ patriotic response is particularly strong and programmed to mobilize intense life-sacrificial resistance when our community is threatened. This biological capacity has been exploited time and again by the powers that be. They channel the patriot response to their own ambitions. Condemning patriotism in general makes as much sense as condemning cooperation.

Leadership Orientation

The patriot response requires leadership. Without leadership a group is an uncoordinated mob. Whether a herd, flock or pack an alpha individual determines the direction of the group. Hominids evolved from a primate alpha male to a societal configuration where tribal leadership enjoyed respect and trust. Homo sapiens arrived on the world scene as equals under a group leadership that had achieved its position by virtue of experience and ability. More than 170 000 years of hunter-gatherer society consolidated this formation of leadership.

The innovation of a farming way of life ruptured the structure of tribal life, but the biological respect and subordination to leadership remained. It still does. The dynamics and necessities of farming-based societies put the leadership in opposition to the subjects and the collective psyche went psychotic. Where a leader represented the interests of the group during hunter-gatherer society, a ruler stood in conflict with those who worked the land during farming society. A little minority around the ruler commanded the resources produced by the great majority.

Our social mind, developed and consolidated under 100s of 1000s of years, orients itself instinctively around the leaders. The average citizen doesn’t have time to think about all the information pouring over them today. The leaders/rulers tell us that “we” must do this and “we” must think that, as if the rulers and the ruled shared the same goals.

Today’s citizens are fed the perspective of the rulers. We are told that market forces (commercialism’s economic tools) must determine the conditions of society. Life’s forces (the social needs of the citizens) are portrayed as a burden.

Individual Worth

Another biological imperative defines our worth in society in proportion to our worth for society. We are geared to participate in the management of our collective and our value is determined by our contribution. The human brain has evolved to take part in, support, protect and care for its community. It is oriented toward a strong and healthy society for everyone. When a person can’t take part in the workings of society they become lost, lonely and alienated. They dull despair with hobbies, sports, shopping and by stuffing themselves with entertainment. Prevented from assuming their natural responsibility for the wellbeing of the community and forced to live as the pawns of the powerful, it’s not surprising that so many citizens break down so often.

Either we build a global society where everyone takes responsibility for everyone’s wellbeing or we follow the dictates of money and greed to our own extinction.
Dartwill Aquila

4. Forbidden Truths

The term Daddy is used here as a metaphor representing the government and the institutions running the country. Daddy, in other words, is the head of the national family.

Bad News About Daddy

Psychology can provide volumes of case studies where children defend the character of criminally abusive parents. They see mom or dad’s good sides and bury the truth of depravity in a subconscious dungeon. How can they do otherwise? They’ve bonded with their parents since birth and are vulnerable to a hostile world without them.

Citizens react in a similar way to their government, the Daddy of the national family. We know that our community is endangered without leadership and therefore resist acknowledging that those in control are out of control. Truth about a dysfunctional leadership chases citizens into denial. We barely admit that Daddy is incompetent. That’s miles away from confessing that he’s a bad guy.

We hear that the rich get rich and the poor get poorer and see illustrations of this with graphic clarity. This is almost always said and shown as though it were some sort of economic law of nature.

“Since 2010, 3.6 billion folks have together lost just over $1 trillion – 41 percent – of their household wealth. The richest 62 of our global billionaire class, meanwhile, have gained $542 billion over that same time.” Sam Pizzigati

Notice the “lost” and “gained”!

“America has …. a growing economic inequality between the haves and have nots”
John W. Whitehead.

We never hear that ”they” (”the haves”/Daddy) are taking (stealing) more and more of the resources and energy from everyone else. We see the results. A little group “gains” and a big group “loses”, but we don’t see a theft even though the ”growing economic inequality” measures the size of the heist. Because the theft is structural, that is to say built into the system, it goes unnoticed, business as usual, loses and gains.

Corporations for example pay employees less than a livable wage. The government supplements the employees with subsidies allowing them to cover basic needs so that they can continue working. The corporate owners increase their income, profits, by taking money that should go to employees’ salaries. The public pays the employees through taxes given as subsidies. The haves, in other words, steal from the workers and force the have-not taxpayers to pay for the theft. This results in less public fonds generating demands from the haves for cuts in social programs for the have-nots under the name of austerity.

This is but one of thousands of examples of structural theft, the constant and massive stealing by the system, the structure, that supports the methods, regulations and policies allowing the ruling powers to steal from the population under the pretense of government.

Great thefts can play out in plain view causing no more than grunts, sneers and whines from the traumatized citizens pounded by explanations pouring down from the heights of power. The citizenry are forced to swallow rotten realities and relinquish their money. Nobody holds a gun to anyone’s head, but the pretense government can take money from everyone and give it to a handful of giga-rich Wall Street overlords because they are too big to fail. Too big to fail! In the real world, the world where the laws of physics apply, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. But that’s the real world, the world where taking people’s resources against their will is called theft.

Citizens experience being ripped off by the people in power in many ways, but record each theft as an exception, an irritating glitch in the system. They deny that the “leaders” are stealing from them. They deny that the leaders are thieves.

Denial drugs us, dulls us and allows the problem to go unattended and unrestrained to grow worse. The Great Crime and the invasion of Iraq should have been enough to show that the government/Daddy/the rulers are criminals of the most vicious and degenerate sort. Thousands of examples can prove the depth and extent of their evil. I feel no need to defend this categorical condemnation, merely conclude emphatically, Daddy is a monster. That’s bad news indeed.

In “freedom and democracy” America, the government and the economy serve interests totally removed from the interests of the American people.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Good News About Daddy

Although it’s true that (national) Daddy is a thief, liar and murderer, the good news is, he’s not our Daddy.

Truthers are well familiar with people defending the official explanation of the Great Crime by claiming, ”They wouldn’t do that to their own people.” A reply is often strained and seldom adequate without pointing that ”they” have not harmed ”their” people in any way. On the contrary, ”their” people have done very well by the Great Crime. We need merely look at the flow of money to see how certain people have increased their fortunes considerably, while we, the general population and the soon to be extinct middle class, have suffered in proportional degree.

The leadership that Homo sapiens evolved to respect and follow could not make decisions without the welfare of the tribe in mind. No law prohibited it, but the leaders and the group were one. They had the same needs and ambitions. The leadership was the head of the group and strived for a healthy body. One for all and all for one wasn’t a lofty ideal, but a prerequisite for survival.

Today’s nations, mass national tribes, exhibit a vast divide between the leadership and the population. A tiny group of rulers own the majority of wealth and resources and practically all power. They continually enrich themselves by amassing ever more resources and capitalizing on the energy of the rest of the nation. These false Daddies are stealing from and abusing the children. They claim to be the leaders, but are the rulers in opposition to the people. Their ambitions, their “cursed hunger for wealth”, conflict with the needs and desires of the people under their control.

The people try to deny this because society-building creatures cannot function without a leadership. They duck from the thought as instinctively as from a stone flying toward their head. The thought of the leadership as an enemy short-circuits their thinking altogether.

Until we realize that the rulers are not our leaders we will embrace our chains, crawl in fear and seek security in obedience. Once we take the path of resistance we will encounter people willing to take responsibility at the head of our collective on all levels. Once we turn our backs on the false Daddies, realizing that they are rulers harming us to enrich themselves, we will grow in strength, courage and determination to struggle for the forces of life.

Yes, we are vulnerable to a hostile world without a leadership, but the rulers of the prevailing order are the most hostile elements in our world. If we don’t tear free of their influence we will go under. It’s a hard choice, but it’s a hard world and no other choice is available.

“Few of us can easily surrender our belief that society must somehow make sense. The thought that The State has lost its mind and is punishing so many innocent people is intolerable. And so the evidence has to be internally denied.”
Arthur Miller

The Best News

It’s difficult to impossible to see beyond the present system of society. We have been born into this one and it forms a part of our character. We are wrapped in a cloth upon birth. The wrappings of nationality, religion, race, traditions and customs are then applied to our lives on a daily basis. Although these wrappings influence our social behavior, they are superficial attributes on our common biological essence. These cultural trappings hinder us from working together and are easily manipulated by the rulers to cause disputes, conflicts and hate to divert attention from the rulers themselves who pollute the ideological atmosphere, twist our biological nature and ravage the conditions for survival.

The prevailing money-oriented order does not harmonize with our people-oriented biological nature. We can’t change our biology. We must change the order of things.

Few try and even fewer succeed in imagining a future beyond the world in which we are emerged, a world growing darker and darker. A light in the distance shows the way out, an opening in our vast cave of decadence and despair. It leads out into a fresh world where our biological core can vibrate in harmony with life on earth.

When we reject the present rules and norms, and the rulers enforcing them, we can start on our adventure toward a healthy world where the pursuit of happiness doesn’t need to take a muddy and bloody detour through the pursuit of money, a world where we are caressed with the concept of one for all and all for one from our first breath, and where the community of humanity constantly accumulates wealth.

Love is wealth, health is wealth, peace is wealth, freedom is wealth, justice is wealth, friendship is wealth, respect is wealth, confidence is wealth, security is wealth, nourishment is wealth, knowledge is wealth, shelter is wealth, education is wealth, solidarity is wealth, laughter is wealth, kindness is wealth, motivation is wealth, employment is wealth, truth is wealth, trust is wealth, opportunity is wealth, happiness is wealth, honesty is wealth, clean air, fresh water and a sustainable nature is wealth.

Every human in the family of humanity desires such wealth, and has a right to it. This treasure—our inheritance—has been passed down to us by the blood, sweat, creations, laughter and hopes of our ancestors. Either everyone owns this wealth or humanity starves in spiritual poverty and dies. Creating a healthy, happy and wealthy global community is not a lofty ideal, but a condition for survival. Most of the wealth just described becomes available to us the moment we start struggling to create a world in which everyone enjoys the wealth of life.



“Don’t let the quest for money prevent you from living a rich life.”
Dartwill Aquila




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