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February 3, 2016 / Fantelius

Bernie! Bernie! They Never Learnie!


Rusty head on fire.

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie,
when will they ever learnie?


The appeal of the election circus appears irresistible to the propagandized and marginalized citizens. Desperate for crumbs of hope they dance for change and sing the praises of the latest promiser. How does this one differ from the last one? The one who promised and promised and promised and broke every one as soon as the circus was over, and then went on to make things worse than they had ever been while claiming eloquently to feel everyone’s pain. The pain that spreads and goes so deep that the traumatized and fear-infected citizens dance and sing all over again.

Boys and Girls! The giga-rich cabal of emperor-like worshipers of Mammon running the show are not about to let one of their clowns change their greed-obsessed quest for ever more money and power. This clown, like all the rest, is an entertaining diversion sprinkling fresh stardust on the illusion of democracy.

Go on! Vote! Put a stamp of conformity on your own forehead. Prove your obedience to their money-oriented system of society. Show them that they have nothing to worry about from you. You will keep the volume of your whining to a politically correct low level so as not to disturb their rape of the environment, their devastating military adventures or their imprisonment and torture of any possibility to develop a people-oriented community of humanity.

A final word to the circus adminstrators and promoters:

Burnie, Burnie, Burnie
in the hell you so richly deservie!



“Political correct suits the politically defect.”
Dartwill Aquila




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