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February 14, 2016 / Fantelius

Love Veterans & Ripe Love


Veterans of Love

When our love was new
with neither blemishes or scars
I told you that many victims of divorce
started out as new love
with neither blemishes or scars.

That made you angry.
Your anger angered me.
You wanted your childhood of love.
I wanted to play mature.
You didn’t want to know
that our love was vulnerable.
I wanted you to know
that I didn’t know how to defend us.

Our love has been attacked many times.
We have both wounds and scars
that have grown like the bark of an oak
protecting a core of love
that can serve as a mast
on generations
sailing beyond the horizon.


Ripe Silence

A couple between 65-70 walk through the train. They stop beside two empty aisle seats and look around to assure themselves that no two seats can be found beside each other. He turns the palm of his free hand upward. She broadens her smile and they pack themselves into the seats. She behind him.

He reads a paper, she a book. After a while she leans forward and places an apple on his upper arm. He takes it and nods.

The apple is polished against his chest and before the first bite is swallowed he leans his head into the aisle. She leans forward.

With apple raised he nods twice.
Her juicy eyes return to her book.

Ripe love requires few words.



The statistically aware minister:
“Do you promise to love each other in sickness and health
for approximately 8.7 years?”
Dartwill Aquila




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