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February 19, 2016 / Fantelius

Shit, Champagne and Smiling Predators


Shit or Champagne

100.000 people must drink sewerage water so that 1000 people can drink champagne. That’s 99% sickening stink and 1% sparkling bubbles. It doesn’t get much smellier than that even if the msm tries to spray perfume on the stink and keep the bubbles out of sight.

To give money (tax-breaks) to the super rich, the governor took money from the people and called it “saving”. Tax revenues that flowed into the accounts of corporate captains were “saved” by switching from the healthy Great Lake water to the cheaper junk flowing in the polluted Flint River. If the rich hadn’t been given millions, there wouldn’t have been cause to take (save) millions.

This is one example of structural theft that is conducted wherever corporate power sinks its economic fangs into the political landscape. Study any austerity package and witness how resources are sucked away from the people to fill the treasure chests of leeches in limousines. The results of structural theft can be seen in the widening inequality gap. The poisoning of the people in Flint Michigan is one very obvious example. You need know nothing more that the difference between shit and champagne.

Poison and Fines

Structural crimes enjoy the protection of structural injustice. Thousands of people are caged in prisons for minor non-violent crimes, some as minor as failure to pay a parking fine. Many of these criminalized poor people wind up in (private/corporate) prisons that serve as slave labor camps. Yet a man who poisoned a 100.000 people—permanently damaging thousands of children—sits in deep-leather luxury drinking chilled bubbles from a long-stemmed glass.

100% Bullshit to Ratify Economic Apartheid

Shit could not have flowed through the public water pipes had bullshit not been flowing through public channels of communication for years. The toxics now inhabiting the bodies of Flint residents were preceded by toxic disinformation poured into the minds of citizens.

The people don’t trust politicians, lawyers and bankers, but they respect and even admire the army of pundits, journalists, writers, filmmakers and experts working for them. This army manufactures and distributes disinformation that promotes lust for wealth, polishes the images of the rulers, sanctifies the institutions of control, encourages consumption, hounds truth tellers, hides essential facts, inoculates fear and obedience, and spreads the disease of hatred and hostility to legitimize policies of conquest. In other words the so-called 1%, the predators with manicured smiles, employ an army of bullshit merchants to sell the system of shit and champagne as one of freedom and democracy.

The citizens are made to drink toxic, sparkling disinformation packaged as the real thing. Disinformation injects them with fear and confusion so that they don’t rattle the economic chains keeping them in place. It drugs them with the illusion that they are incapable of managing their society where entertainment decorates the polluted mental atmosphere overcast with the smog of ignorance, fear, obedience and whining.

The army of disinformation, working in conjunction with the national administration of the corporations (the government), together with an extensive surveillance apparatus, military-grade law enforcement and judicial assassins fisted with incarcerating gavels, allow the leading predators to maintain control of the prevailing order characterized by economic apartheid, shit for the masses and champagne for the rulers.

Wake up and smell the stink!



“Some things smell. Some things stink.
Some things are obvious with a few drops of think.”
Dartwill Aquila




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