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February 28, 2016 / Fantelius

Torn Diamonds & Detords (= detergent words)


A pair of jeans in the shop window seemed proud of its many tears surrounded by small rhinestones. The illusion of deceit from the new old-worn look was amplified by a suggestion of luxury from the diamond-like glass.

The phrase torn diamonds sparkled in my mind. Diamonds can’t be torn. A raw egg can’t be pealed. Wood doesn’t boil. Steel can’t collapse. New clothes aren’t worn and torn. Delete the last statement. Impossibilities can dance on broken legs in the age of deceit. Sprinkle detords on dirty actions and witness how the actions get cleaned out of sight.

Collateral damage, for instance, can wash away the murder of children. Sprinkle collateral damage on the crushed skulls, torn limbs and ripped bodies of children, mothers and lovers and watch the murders disappear.

Children, mothers and lovers are collateral-damaged to death because a suspected militant or terrorist is judged and sentenced to execution. Suspected! No apprehension. No questioning. No trial. Nothing. The victim, a suspect, is executed, along with any child, mom or lover near him, in the blast of a hellfire missile because he displayed a pattern of movement determined to be typical of a terrorist.

How is this possible? Who can justify killing kids, moms and loved-ones to kill a suspect? This seems as unlikely as tearing a diamond. Yet it continues year after year. This indicates many more detords. The UN, international law, diplomats, governments, politicians, democracy, justice … detords every one! As long as the murder of children can be disappeared under collateral damage, these prestigious words have no meaning. They are detords washing away great crimes by great hypocrites in high places.

Have you heard any leading figure in any country stand up and say that it is wrong to murder children? No! This is the age of deceit, the age of false sparkles and canned laughter, false bodies and false promises from false leaders speaking false words with false smiles …

No words can wash away the stain of infanticide on the souls of the murderers, or the shame on the legacy of those silent about it.



“If hypocrisy could power electricity
there’d be no lack of energy.”
Dartwill Aquila





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  1. camelien / Feb 28 2016 12:21 pm

    Sadly, those most in need of reading your awesome posts will never awaken to the truth of their profound reality.

    • Fantelius / Feb 28 2016 1:43 pm

      Thanks for the kudos. As far as those in need of reading, I hope for the friends of my friends.

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