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March 16, 2016 / Fantelius

The Hide-the-Boss Technique (HBT)


The Hide-the-Boss Technique (HBT) has been used for centuries and remains a basic tool of politics, diplomacy, business and crime. It’s simple and effective. The boss wears the disguise of an underling. Business delegation A, for example, enters into negotiations with representatives from company B. Seated at the head of the As, a junior executive acts as the boss while the real boss hides at the end of the table as a junior executive. It’s also common for the boss of an Embassy to be someone other than the ambassador. History holds many examples of kings being ruled by so-called advisors, or the head of a criminal organization to function in a completely different capacity while a lieutenant runs the show.

HBT, in other words, dresses the chief in a subordinate’s clothes and allows the subordinate to wear the chief’s robes.

This has many advantages. It frees the boss from the spotlight, provides time for other tasks, promotes other perspectives and gets access to people and places otherwise unavailable.

The election process in the USA (as well as most other corporatized countries) should be regarded as an extravagant HBT campaign where the real bosses work in the background turning knobs, pushing buttons and pulling levers of control on the profit machines while the subordinate clowns dance on the political stage singing nonsense in the virtual democracy show. This extravaganza of illusion has another great advantage. It draws attention away from significant events. As long as attention is concentrated on the show, undesirable reality can be swept under the media carpet.

Under the media carpet examples:

The explosive report, by professional architects and engineers, about the collapse (not fall) of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers contains more vital information in a few grams of words than in the tons and tons of words about the HBT candidates in election circus.

Israel continues to kill 3-4 Palestinians daily, bulldozing down ever more homes and stealing ever more land in the West Bank. I quess shooting a few every day counts as politically correct as opposed to throwing batches into gas chambers.

Millions of people are protesting in Brazil and Haiti, and other countries, as I write. These great upheavals don’t seem as important as which candidate farts loudest.

A WHO report finds that nearly 25% of the deaths in the world are caused by unhealthy environment. That’s over 3 million deaths a year. But we don’t want to discuss that, do we? It might sound as primitive as Flint striking Flint to make a stone knife.

Retail sales are headed for the toilet in the US and McDonald’s have closed over 500 restaurants. Anyone wanting to bet on this trend reversing after the elections can contact me. I’ll give you great odds.

News about a rape by an American soldier in Japan this week cannot disturb the frenetic election reports, but considering the frequency with which rapes occurs by US soldiers stationed at the over 700 bases around the world, a comment by a candidate could add a little spice to the tasteless stew of rhetoric. I’m taking bets on this as well.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Hide the billionaire bosses and tell the clowns to jump a little higher and scream a little louder.



“Discussing the elections is like discussing the bedroom furniture
while the kitchen is on fire.”
Dartwill Aquila




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