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April 14, 2016 / Fantelius

Never Underestimate a Stockholmer!


The people who use PT (public transportation) desire to get from one place to another as quickly, efficiently, cost-effectively and pleasantly as possible. Today’s system charges the passengers to control them. It’s ridiculous. There’s nothing to control. The same people, more or less, will travel on PT whether it’s free or not. Stockholm’s PT, like PT in most cities throughout the world, is vital to the life of the city. The people going to work need transportation as much as their workplaces need transportation to get them there. We must also travel to and from cultural, social, political and romantic engagements.

The costs of controlling people wastes resources. The ticket system, the personnel and the machines are unnecessary heavy costs. Let the passengers go on and off the PT at will, no charge. People must use PT and will use it whether it is free or burdened with controls and costs, because it is a necessity. People don’t ride the PT for the joy of it (but they should enjoy the ride when they do) they ride it to get somewhere. The control apparatus lengthens the time of travel and increases the costs. Passengers, citizens and businesses would all benefit from free PT. If I know the citizens of Stockholm, a good part of the savings from cheaper PT will quickly find its way to a pub, café or restaurant. Particularly when it doesn’t cost anything to get there and back.

Businesses should pay their fair share of the taxes for free PT not only because they are dependent on customers with access to transportation, but savings from the control system puts money in the hands of their customers with free transportation to and from their businesses. Free transportation is good for business.

Public Transportation is a public necessity and should be free for everyone, visitors and tourists included. “Var så goda”, as they say in Sweden meaning “help yourself and enjoy our blessings.” The PT is yours to use.

Let my people go free on Public Transportation! No fees. No control. Hop on, hop off.

The difference between individual control-based transport fees compared to a free system paid for by the community through taxes steals from the citizens. The passengers are taxed individually for the right to be controlled when there’s nothing to control. Passenger frequency remains basically the same with or without a control system. People should not have to pay more for something they do not need. That’s extortion. They are going to use PT in any case. They don’t mind paying the costs of transportation, but do not want to pay for unnecessary equipment and unnecessary controls to accomplish an unnecessary task. Let the people go.

I repeat, emphatically, forcing people to pay for what they do not want (to be controlled) or need (to be controlled) is a form of theft known as extortion. Put fancy and politically correct names on it as much as you like. It’s extortion by structural theft. Citizens are the victims.

Can the majority get its transportation back, improve its quality and lower its costs? Yes, they can. They can. Will they? Unless I’m totally out of touch with Stockholmers, never underestimate them!

These are the people who rose up like a tsunami of protest and saved a group of elm trees. These are the people who played an honorable part in defeating the war of aggression in Vietnam. These are the people whose souls echo with Evert Taube.

Never underestimate a Stockholmer!




“What do you call stealing from the citizens?
Business as usual.”
Dartwill Aquila




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