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April 20, 2016 / Fantelius

Smashed Glass in the World


It’s an ad poster under glass at a tram stop, hit with a … ? Can’t be a bullet that made that double hole, must be a blunter object. A rock or the bottom of a bottle … Bottle, I’m guessing, a right-handed thrower judging by the pattern of crystals from the point of impact.

Causing damage is at least causing something. Typical behavior for people deprived of their biological right to take part in the management of their community. This is the best they can do. Destroy something. Mark your territory. Show that you exist, that you are here.

From a meeting between an alienated and un-sober young person and a commercial message comes this magnificent portrait of explosive passion radiating from collateral damage. Take out one suspect and create 100. Is that the strategy? The people with the mental capacity to form such a strategy are, unfortunately, sitting on a pile of serious heavy fire power and are itching to use it.

The world is full of witnesses to smashed glass.

Smashed Glass for sale.
I’ve posted over 900 photos on this blog and never offered any for sale. When I saw this one, Smashed Glass, I thought, surely it’s wrong of me to withhold this from those who are as enchanted by it as I am? So I offer it for sale.
It’s available in any digital format. Make me an offer or inform me of your desire using the @ress under About at the top right.



“They want i should write proper.
I want they should act proper.”
Dartwill Aquila




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