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May 6, 2016 / Fantelius

Instant Corporate Info, Just Add Logic


At the train station a woman handed me two sample packs of Nescafe ”cappuccino”. The backside, as seen above (with an insert of the front below right), says it contains milk. It does not contain milk, but a yellow powder with tiny brown kernels of ??? … dark milk chips? It also contains more chemicals than tools on a Swiss Army knife, but we’ll regard those as unmentionables.

The graphic how-to instructions tells us to add 85ºc water. 85º! How do we do that? And the last symbol, what’s that all about? Does it mean we should throw the drink away when it grows a tail, or …?

The ”Best Before End” date implies that we should use this product before 07:46, March 2017. Roger that!

This is a product of Nestle, one of the world’s largest corporations with 334,000 employees, billions in profits and crumbs of integrity. The corporation has:
. sold noodles (Maggi) containing extreme amounts of lead in India and Africa.
. sold baby food (Nan-Pro) containing live larvae and fungus (Cerelac).
. sold cookie dough containing E. coli O157:Hy bacteria.
. damaged many African babies by aggressively targeting poor women to use baby formula instead of breast milk.
. been and is stealing water supplies everywhere from the public.
“access to water should not be a public right.” Peter Brabeck-Letathe, Nestle chairman.
. used child labor.
. engaged in price fixing.
. used forced labor.
. etc.
In other words, Nestle does what corporations do, lie, cheat and disinform while damaging people and the environment for profits.

This post contains no artificial colors, flavoring, bacteria or lead, but might upset your stomach.



What do they call a woman married to a military officer in Switzerland?
A Swiss Army Wife.




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