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July 21, 2016 / Fantelius

A Picture of Modern Politics


The face is scary, a bogyman politician intimidating us to vote for the disgusting, but less scary, alternative. Voting is important. The facade of democracy must be upheld.

Another prospective shows a profile, the actor who plays the bogyman, looking at a hole where a tiny light reveals a presence behind the scene, the power directing the show and the actors.

It doesn’t matter. We should be able to see that the whole thing is decayed and rotten.

__________________ *** __________________

Let me get this straight. If we vote for X things will get terrible. There’ll probably be a nuclear war. If we vote for Y things will get terrible. There’ll probably be a nuclear war. Those are the choices. And you want me to believe that it’s important to vote.

I believe that it’s important to realize that we are already at war. We’ve been at war for quite some time. Some of the battles are even nuclear, like the radiation that continues to pour into the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima and the tons of radiation being spread throughout the Middle East from DU weapons. Our livelihoods, our economy, our values, our laws, our health, our environment, future and existence are all under attack … by the people encouraging us to believe that one of their presidential administrators will make a difference.

Our only hope of defending ourselves depends on our ability to join together with the millions and millions of good people from all nationalities, races and religions and resist the corporate commercial onslaught on humanity. We can bring them down by rejecting their products, information and values wherever possible. It’s war, Dorothy, we are beyond the time of empty gestures and vulgar nothings. People can help, support, strengthen and save people. The rulers, those responsible for the decadent and survival-threatening order must be resisted.

Speak power to people.



“There is so much that must be done.
Don’t let that prevent you from doing what you can.”
Hjalmar Montelius



The West Bank is now Judea-Samaria area.

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