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August 3, 2016 / Fantelius

Miss Curvy Grabbing Eyeballs from 9/11


Perception management controls the orientation of attention. It’s psyops’s tool of choice. If Mr. Smith’s attention is locked on Miss Curvy’s shower preparations in an apartment across the street, he won’t notice a thief behind him taking his laptop and kissing his wife on the way out. What we look at determines what we see AND what we don’t see.

Imagine a sophisticated psyop in which Miss Curvy is part of the operation along with Mrs. Smith who receives generous compensation for her cooperation.

If your mind isn’t too perceptually managed you might be able to visualize the election circus as Miss Curvy and the msm as the cooperative Mrs. Smith. Psyops is the thief removing significant events behind the back of Mr. Smith who represents the citizens.

Significant events managed away from perception:

Beyond Misinformation

Months ago over 2000 professional and experienced architects and engineers published their findings on the collapse of the 3 World Trade Center skyscrapers. These PhDs and professors cannot be dismissed as conspiracy nerds, nor can the physical laws they applied to come to their conclusions.
The publication of their report Beyond Misinformation demolishes the official story about the events of the great 9/11 crime. It also demolishes trust in the msm that exhibits no resistance to hiding this information. The election circus owns de facto priority over exposing a great crime. Or should I say, the clowns trump the criminals.

Poisoned Flint

Compare the media coverage of the polluted water system in Flint to the wiggling words of candidate clowns. Tons of commentary about 100s of aspects of the clowns while a few grams of comments barely touch on the poisoned bodies of 100s of children. Complete silence surrounds the source of the problem, the tax-break money given to the giga-wealthy. While screams of the dangers of the scary clowns echo throughout the media daily, news drips out to the public (all channels of the media saying the same thing) for a day or two about Flint and then disappears. A governor, for example, proclaimed that Snyder should resign. Isn’t that cute, cute as lead-laced sludge pouring out of the kitchen faucet. The man responsible for devastating a 100.000 lives, permanently damaging 100s of children and killing at least 10 people with legionnaire sickness should resign. Resign! That’ll teach this poisoning murderer a thing or two.

Foxes determined to help chickens

The US is trying to force India to abandon an extensive solar energy project. Trade Representative Michael Froman said that India’s rules for locally made products for its solar power program “discriminate against U.S. exports” and break WTO rules. “We are determined to stand up for U.S. workers and businesses.” Don’t you get teary eyed thinking about how the U.S. stands up for its workers?

War on the horizon

The military build up along the borders of Russia and the provocations against China is regulated to a lower corner of a deep page of ”news” so as not to disturb the front pages and fat texts dealing with the election circus. The possibility (probability) of nuclear war should not distract from the antics of the clowns.

And the show goes on. And on …
Oh, look, Miss Curvy just exposed another spot of flesh.



“Along the path to extinction grow weeds of virtual reality.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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  1. summitflyer / Aug 3 2016 1:32 pm

    Hopefully you woke up a few . So many are drinking the kool aid . You hit the nail on the head .

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