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September 11, 2016 / Fantelius

Lie-Damaged Twin Tower Gravestones


Two gravestones sit at the back of a little cemetery. They’re taller than the others, different from one another in color and form, and worthless. Despite their impressive  weight and height they don’t perform their basic task. We cannot see who is buried beneath them or when. They are devoid of information, functionally worthless.

These gravestones remind me of the two lies that bury the facts of the explosives events that occurred 15 years ago today. The one lie is the official story of what happened. The other one is the guardian of the first, the mainstream media that covers the truth like moss on a (grave)stone.

Nearly 3000 scientists and professional technical investigators have proven that the official story stands in opposition to the laws of physics. Fire, even one initiated by exploding jet fuel, cannot cause steel-framed buildings to fall the way the Twin Towers in NYC did. It is physically impossible. The scientists also stated that controlled demolition is the only explanation for the collapsing pattern of the tumbling skyscrapers.

If the scientists are correct, the guardians of the official story, the mainstream media, must stand in opposition to journalistic principles and integrity. The many and great towers of information do not inform. Any highschool graduate with access to the internet can discover the lies in the official story of the greatest and most significant crime of this generation. The prestigeous and professional news channels however cannot.

Millions of people believe the official fairytale about what happened. They have the mainstream media to thank for their indoctrination and delusion. Many millions can see that the rulers are naked inspite of the assurrances of the tailors of news. These people can thank their healthy scepticism and unfettered mind.

I wonder what a monument over the death of the two great lies will look like?


Young Miss Nobody died in 1919
on the 21st of June.
She wasn’t even 16
The Nobodys said, “Much too soon.”

Many Nobodys died in 1919
on every day of the year.
Some were kind, some were mean,
Nobodys said, “Oh dear, oh dear.”

Nobodys have died since time began,
hardly noticed as when they came.
History eats them quick as it can
And nobody remembers Nobody’s name.

Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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