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October 8, 2016 / Fantelius

and now… Back to Kap


… cough, cough… more coughing.
Excuse me! I had to get through the Plump Don-and-Hitlery (sic) smoke screen to get here. Cough-cough…

Colin Kaepernick’s sensational expanding protests receive drops of media coverage despite its importance while insignificant puppet clowns in the election circus draw floods; the msm in a nutshell. Sound and fury signifying nothing dance center stage with fireworks and smoke screens of diversion while major change whispers in the dimly lit background. Even then, when dealing with Kap, the angle makes it difficult to see and the focus is blurry. Count on a known Black sports figure heading the report telling us how Kap is damaging sports, insulting war veterans or disrespecting the nation.

”one of the unintended consequences of Kaepernick’s activism has been the following: Exposing some character flaws in America.” Kevin Patrick Kelly

”Unintended” consequences! What’s that all about? Kap is specifically exposing the nation, but never mentions ”character flaws.” He talks about justice and points to national hypocrisy. Murdering unarmed people (mostly, but not all, non-white) again and again and again is not a ”character flaw”.

The main story, the spreading protests all over the country, even at high school and college sporting events, gets mentioned in passing when mentioned at all. The ”experts” however try to hide this behind warped figures shown out of focus at a difficult angle. Polls show that “47 percent opposed the Quarterback’s protest, with just 32 percent supporting his decision to kneel during the National Anthem.”

”Just 32%!” JUST! 32% is sensational. Despite the media’s barrage of criticism and condemnation, one third of the people support oppostion to a ritual of the ruling order. Tens of millions of people are aware of the ”flaws” in the national bullshit.

Go Kap (and all your supporters running interference), go!


Notice the five people who stand in defiance (hands on hips, behind back or hanging). This form of protest lite, no traditional hand over the heart, is also spreading. Number 6 is conveniently cropped out of the picture, but his shadow reveals a fist, which also appears more and more during the National Anthem.




“A single spark can burn the ass of a 1%er.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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