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October 26, 2016 / Fantelius

AIPAC Lobby Myth 9 – Prestigious Nonsense


The persistency of the AIPAC lobby myth claiming that little Israel determines the foreign policy of the mighty US merits closer attention. How can this nonsense about a tail wagging the dog occupy so much media territory? And why?

The latest, and largest, ”aid” package to Israel gave ammunition to myth of the US homeland’s subservience to the Zionist colony. A requirement for receiving this ”aid” however forced Israel to abandon its own production of aircraft and buy from the US military instead. The billion dollar bundle, in other words, would wind up as profit dividends for the US weapon industry stockholders. Why would Israel, if it could determine US policy, crippled its own industry to favor Yankee board members? It wouldn’t of course, so this aspect of the deal is best not mentioned by the tail-wagging-dog mythers.

A similar incident occurred at the beginning of last year.

Washington is not cooperating in the war against Boko Haram but is actually sabotaging the (Nigerian) government. The US has refused to provide arms to Nigeria and has blocked a recent sale of helicopters from the State of Israel.
/—/ Twenty-four hours after .. John Kerry met President Goodluck Jonathan … pledging … to work with Nigeria … to end activities of the Boko Haram terrorists … the US stopped Nigeria’s purchase of Chinook military helicopters from Israel to fight Boko Haram. The sale/transfer of such aircraft required a review by the US, to determine its ‘consistency with US policy interests,’ Obama administration officials told The Jerusalem Post.
– Abayomi Azikiwe, Pan-African News Wire, 2015-02-05

Did you get that? Israel cannot do diddly-dong without ”consistency with US policy interests”. When the US tugs at the leash the Zionist dogs had best heel if they know what’s good for them. Numerous examples can illustrate who holds the leash and who does the barking. I’ve dealt with some of these in the previous AIPAC Lobby Myth articles. Let’s return to the original question, How can this nonsense about a tail wagging the dog occupy so much media territory? And why?

Powerful interests, like in billionaire powerful, see to it that their army of disinformers gets this message out. Think tanks, academic programs, ”charity” organizations and other channels amplify the views of these giga-rich benefactors. The intellectual strata of society is saturated with big money pumping out the opinions of the 1%. These ideas are then backed up by trolls, pawns and generally disillusioned individuals. Many coals of hate, racism and prejudice glow at the base of America. It does not take much of a breeze to get them glowing. When required they can be made to burst into flames.

The top disinformers wrap themselves in authority and gather trust by criticizing official policy, the government or other aspects of the empire. They find fault with aspects of the prevailing order to maintain the rule of the prevailing order, which they contend can function well with some adjustments. Some of the criticism coming from these seemingly independent pundits can be sharp and informative, at times excellent. This makes their messages all the more believable.

Paul Craig Roberts is one such example. He’s written many excellent articles exposing aspects of US power, corruption and lies. But he regularly promotes the AIPAC lobby myth and has recently jumped into the election circus running interference for Trump. He never criticizes or tries to expose the real rulers of the empire. Could this be because of his ties to the Koch’s Cato institute?

Another recent article by Chas W. Freeman, Jr. also illustrates this criticism of the nation while promoting the Israeli-tail-wagging-the-dog myth. Like Roberts, Freeman has an impressive list of merits to pin on his coat of authority: ambassador, Assistant Secretary of Defense (1993-94), author AND senior fellow at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University. This institute started by a former chairman of IBM and later merged with (billionaire) Taubman Center for Public Policy incubates political scientists to hatch as promoters of the perspectives of the 1% and defenders of the prevailing order.

Because of the contradictions and competition within the ruling strata itself, such ”progressive” opinion peddlers can supply valuable insight into the policies of other power brokers. In general however the views of decorated word warriors struggle for the agenda of some billionaire backer.

Now, why the myth of Israel controlling US policy? Three reasons.
1. It takes the heat off the US. It’s the fault of the Israelis/Zionists, not the empire. People boycott Israeli products, but not USA products. Israel’s apartheid regime appears independent or even divorced from the US, while in reality, it couldn’t survive without red-white-and-blue money, logistics, weapons, diplomatic cover, etc.

2. By having a powerful military outpost that isn’t officially a military outpost the bloated defense budget can swallow even more money given as aid. Israel functions as a piggy bank for the weapons industry. These billions in aid every year wouldn’t go down as America military spending. The AIPAC lobby forces the US to give it money. Yeh, right!

3. There may come a time when the Israeli asset becomes a liability for the sinking empire. How easy it will be to throw it overboard. The masters will be forced to confiscate a few of the billions stored in the vaults of Israeli financial supporters, but hey, a ruler’s got to do, what a ruler’s got to do.

We however do not have to swallow the nonsense shoveled through the media. A
citizen has got to do what a citizen has got to do.



“Beware of foxes claiming to protect the chickens from wolves.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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  1. camelien / Oct 29 2016 3:42 pm

    Da rit’ting iz no wall a’tall.

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