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December 14, 2016 / Fantelius

Money, Power and the 70%


3 200 000 people make up USA’s 1%. This group includes anyone with an income over $400 000/year.
250 000 people earn over $1million/year, the 0,0008%.
540 billionaires account for less than 0,0002%.

Although money and power are not the same thing, and yearly income can not be equated with total wealth, we can assume that the real rulers, those who determine policy, belong to the tribe of billionaires.

Half the congress are millionaires, practically all of the others belong to the 1% and everyone of them plus key officials are lobbytomized.

The absence of billionaires in congress supports the claim that congress serves as the administration of the rulers. This claim gains strength viewing the flow of money that  ends up in the hands of the 0002% after the 1% get their cut.

3,2 million people (1%) represent a considerable market. If we add an additional 4% for the people earning at least $200 000/year we’re speaking of an population of 16 000 000 people, the equivalent of the 70th largest country in the world, an extremely upscale country larger than Greece, Sweden, Cuba, New Zealand, Ireland, Belgium and more than 100 other countries.

With another 5% to include the $100 000/year earners, a picture of those committed to perserving the status quo emerges; 10% of the population, 32 million people.

The other 90%, 288 000 000 people, are endangered and in opposition to the prevailing order controlled by the rulers—corporate commanders—among the 0,0002%. To consolidate this opposition we should crop away the upper and lower 10% of the 90%. The upper strata tends to strive toward joining those above them rather than opposing them, whereas the lower 10% contains many desolate and seriously damaged people. The upper 10% can be won to the forces of opposition and the lower 10% can be helped to join as well, but the core of 70% represents the resources of hope. These 224 million people, own the possibility of wrestling control of the nation from the claws of the greed-infected rulers, improving the conditions of everyone and diverting humanity from its trajectory toward extinction.

The 70%, the majority, the heart of democratic reality, need merely to unite. Merely! It is complicated, difficult and dangerous. And glorious on the edge of magic. Regard the merely as an encouragement to turn away from the antics of the rulers, their administration and their hired guns and pens. Unite instead on the basis of mutual help disregarding all superficial trappings of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, etc. The future awaits those willing to build it with love, beauty and justice.



“Money and power are two different things
that tend to hang out together and often marry.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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