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December 30, 2016 / Fantelius

Killers Calling Killers Killers


fake neWs, False newS
disinFormation, disoRientation
confusioN, diSilluSion
fruSTRATion, fulMINation
the intTELLectual atMOSphere
coNtamiNated to the STRATOsphere

Clearing the contaminated air

The enemy gets painted in rotten colors. Whether a divorce narrative or a war description, one side describes the other side in shades of monster. Truth peppers the accusations to spice the lies.

American power trembles in imperial decline causing the ruling forces to battle each other for control. We see the facade of this struggle, behind which rages cutthroat economic and political warfare. Bullets and bombs of lies fly everywhere. Foxes and wolves claim to be vegetarians while accusing each other of carnivorous criminality.

In general, the entire intellectual atmosphere is contaminated with lies. We are told it’s a question of the lefts against the rights, the Reps against the Dems, the reds and blues…  Bullshit! Although the struggle among the rulers can be described in these terms, it doesn’t describe the exploitation of the people. The rulers endanger everyone, including themselves, as they ravage nature, inflame the atmosphere and deteriorate the conditions of life itself. A tiny minority exploits the great majority. That’s THE truth smothered under the lies pouring down from the pulpits of power. The people have nothing to gain by engaging in the struggle between their exploiters. Supporting one bad because the other bad is badder (sic) doesn’t add up to good no matter how you calculate.

Not only is the corporate-owned msm polluting the minds of everyone who consumes their products, the social media is heavily infiltrated and corrupted as well. This is often easily seen. Any site, blog or pundit attacking or condemning one of the conflicting power groups while promoting faith in the other one acts as a defender of the prevailing order of exploitation. They divert, disinform and lie about the status quo and the nature of the Empire.

Here’s a typical example:
”Western society is super-saturated with leftist propaganda” claims Zomblog (Dec 19) while propagating the virtues of Trump.
This is a variation of the claims of ”fake news” suggesting that the claimers themselves do no such thing. Believe that and I’ll tell you the R-rated story about how Santa Claus caused Rudolf’s nose to redden. (BTW, ”super-saturated” means wetter than completely wet.)

The book Dark Money by Jane Mayer presents a better, deeper and more comprehensive example of the money-generated power struggle behind the facade of public politics while exposing the source of rivers of lies. This must-read book however deals almost exclusively with the Republican (Koch brothers) brand of backstage intrigues. Despite the excellence of the book it cradles the reader in the illusion that the money-saturated political decadence stems from one side of the power struggle among  the plutocrats. It doesn’t. Money talks—and screams—from both sides of the war among the power players. We, the people, don’t have to listen despite the volume.

Any source taking sides in the power struggle of the powerful, whether because of ignorance, stupidity, indoctrination or complicity, champions the status quo and the continued exploitation of the vast majority by a tiny minority .



“Blind to what’s plain
deaf to what’s sane
criticize and complain,
whine and blame
feel no shame
numb to pain
greed’s the game
they share but one name
ciminally insane.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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