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January 9, 2017 / Fantelius

AIPAC Lobby Myth 10 – Big Guns & Top Dumbs


No one buys an inferior product that is more expensive than a superior model. Yet that is exactly what Israel does and just did again by purchasing 17 additional F-35 fighter planes at $100 million each. Why? I’ll deal with that after a glimpse at the fighter jet in question.

The F-35’s poor quality and high price is no secret, particularly among the people capable of buying $100 million machines that fly. In 2008 two analysts at the RAND corporation (John Stillion and Harold Perdue) reported that the F-35 ”can’t turn, can’t climb, can’t run”.  In a hypothetical fight with a Chinese equivalent the plane was ”double-inferior”. We should visualize a table tennis match between Hillary Clinton and Xi Jinping. To compare it with the Russian stealth fighter we should think of a chess match between Bush and Putin.

In 2015, this war machine lost a mock battle against an older F-16 that was unfairly loaded with bulky weapons and extra fuel tanks compared to the unarmed F-35. The test pilot deemed the losing plane ”dead meat in an air battle”.

Delays and deficiencies have accompanied the development of this fighter craft since its conception; problems with the pilot’s helmet display, the flight controls, the automated logistical information system, and unreliable components everywhere. Many problems still exist, particularly its general performance.

The F-35 should be seen as a victim of the same lobbytomized corruption as the US health system, overpriced and under-efficient.

So why does Israel choose to put out $1,7 billion on these troublesome and inferior flying monsters? They have no choice. They’ve been offered a deal they can’t refuse from the commanders of the weapons corporations and their military henchmen. Hereafter referred to as MIC (Military-Industry Complex).

The public part of the deal played out on the political stage with the usual smoke and mirrors. Msm supplied the impression that Israel bought the planes in exchanged for receiving an extra $800 million per year. Not true! Pure disinformation.

The extra aid budget and the purchase of the planes are obvious facts hiding reality. Israel will receive less with the new deal (from 2019 to 2028) at $3,8 billion/year than with the present one at $3,0 billion/year. MIC, on the other hand, will do quite well.

“Almost all U.S. bilateral aid to Israel is in the form of military assistance.”

(Jeremy M. Sharp, Congressional Research Service, RL33222, Dec. 22, 2016)

“a new aid package that will see Israel receive $3.8 billion annually through 2028, the vast majority of which must be used on purchases from American defense companies.”

(The Times of Israel, Nov. 27, 2016)

Most aid to Israel (whether ”almost all” or ”the vast majority”) goes to MIC. Speaking in clear terms based on following the money, the American tax payers give their money to the weapon dealers/MIC who call it aid to Israel. I don’t know exactly what percentage amounts to ”almost all” or ”the vast majority”, but one thing is certain, MIC is going to get more and Israel less.

The new deal stipulates that the ability for Israel to convert 26.3% of the aid for use in Israel will be faded out. That adds up to about $800 million/year less for Israel and $1000 million more for MIC. We can start to understand the Zionists aversion and antagonism to Obama over the years. He represented the official agency brokering the deal, which, BTW, doesn’t stop there.

Another heavy loss for Israel will be its inability to use aid money to buy fuel from the US as it has done in the past. When an F-35 rolls into the gas station and says, ”Fill ’er up!” it will have to pay with its own money. Ditto for all the other planes and vehicles. A clause in the new agreement, that must cause more indignation and humiliation than financial stress, states that Israel must cough up $500 million a year of its own money to help fund joint missile defense programs.

I suspect that the USA’s recent abstention instead of vetoing the latest UN condemnation of Israel’s settlement policy showed the Zionists what could happen if they don’t shut up and do what they’re told. Perhaps. In any case, the new aid agreement signed in December stated unmistakably, ”MIC wants more. Hand it over!”

Of course many top dumbs will still claim that the Zionists control the US government. Even with an abused Israel whimpering in the corner these the-tail-wags-the-dog fundamentalists will cling to their convictions. We’ll hear them barking from many comment sections on the web.


“Follow the money!
It flows to the honey.
Not always funny,
but makes the dark sunny.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.


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  1. Nancy Withington / Feb 1 2018 10:00 pm

    The map of Palestine turning into Israel – a state for Jews only – proves “the myth”!

  2. missyelone (@me3000k1) / Feb 11 2017 6:53 am

    Lets see if Jared can tweak the small print to make it disappear. I am sure there are other sources of income that Israel receives from the US. Run all laws thru a computer to throw up the hidden amounts in this and that bill passed witth little oversight or whilst everybody was looking for terrist/wmd/communists

    • Fantelius / Feb 11 2017 6:57 am

      To make what disappear? The point of the article shows that MIC will receive more and Israel less. This could not possibly be caused by Israel controlling US policy.

  3. sayedhusaini / Jan 9 2017 2:34 pm

    Is there a possibility that the propaganda against F35 is fabricated to receive those at a lesser price attached with an obligation over the seller, whereas, the Zionists know the supposed ‘weaknesses’ and would immediately fix once the hardware arrives to make it operational, and then later charge the seller to offer facility fix their problems with a gainful cost?

    • Fantelius / Jan 9 2017 2:48 pm

      Not very likey. A stipulation attached to the sale of the F-35s states that the coding for the planes computer system is not and will not be accessible to the buyer. This guarantees the US continued control. This was a key point of objection among the Israeli government, but the deal when through despite this.

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