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January 15, 2017 / Fantelius

Fuck em!

(This blog has been published before, but the Russians have hacked my computer and reprinted it in an attempt to show that I’m not to be trusted because I don’t use the proper *s and #s when writing the word f*#k.)


Fuck the blacks and fuck the whites
and fuck the greens, blues, reds, browns, yellows and rainbows.
Fuck the feminists, chauvinists, communists, capitalists,
conservativists, extremists, traditionalists and shitlistists.
Fuck the buddhists, the jews, the christians, the hindus, the moslems
and every other worshiper of segregated holiness.
Fuck the flag wavers, team brayers, yes sayers, no sayers
and all the wishy-washy go-any-wayers.

Fuck all the goody-goodies with their pathetic baskets of oh-my-goodness crumbs of pity.
Fuck the positive thinkers pretending to rule reality with perfumed mind smoke choking doing.
Fuck the my-groupers and we-herd troopers.
Fuck the elites with minds covered with sheets.
And fuck the me-me-me-me me-ers, the blind beyond the mirror see-ers.

Fuck the moneyed nobility and fuck their titled knights.
Double fuck them because they’re the lords of war, the devil’s favorite whores.
Fuck them for stealing from the starving to destroy the lives of the striving.

Fuck all the warriors of inaction fighting current attractions with hot-worded abstractions.
Fuck every single mind-twisted dingle who cannot see the dignity of humanity.
Fuck every diluted soul who turns away from the goal of making humanity whole.
Fuck every rabbit-hearted committee captain obsessed with a false rival
instead of the struggle for our common survival.

Fuck ’em!
Fuck ’em for dimming the vision of beauty.
Fuck ’em for muffling the song of freedom.
Fuck ’em for souring the taste of justice.
Fuck ’em for fouling the scent of love.
Fuck ’em for choking the pulse of truth.

Fuck ’em, fuck ’em…
Fuck ’em!


“The devil loves racism, nationalism, prejudice and exclusive religion.
He serves them generously
heavily spiced with ceremonies
on political plates of golden promises.”
Dartwill Aquila




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