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March 24, 2017 / Fantelius

Trump, A Trigger On A Shock Doctrine Gun


The US is experiencing an economic blitzkrieg; a smash and grab operation on the government store; a structural heist of enormous proportions transferring $billions from the public treasury into the accounts and secret piggy banks of giga-rich individuals; a tiny, vulgarly wealthy minority confiscating the money and resources of the great struggling and desperate majority.
Welcome to shock doctrine, Americans.

Naomi Klein’s book The Shock Doctrine came out 10 years ago. It’s subtitle, The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, designates the increased application of a tactic that marches under the flag of austerity. Public expenditures and social services are cut while the fortunes of the rich are enhanced. The citizens are plagued with reductions. A tiny minority is awarded great increases.

Klein illustrates the use of the shock doctrine, SD, in many countries under different circumstances. The forms and extent vary. The essence remains the same. Instigated by a shock event, a disaster, whether a natural disaster or political turmoil, a series of policies are set in motion to privatize public resources, slash government spending to the citizens while providing tax breaks for the elite and budget increases to military and security forces.

The public, traumatized or confused by the extreme event, can barely gain equilibrium before the SD policies are implemented with shocking speed. By the time the public stops spinning, the new norm is in place. The rich have become much richer and the general public much poorer. SD has scored a KO. In simple terms it’s grand national theft, but because the thieves occupy the government and claim legitimacy, the theft wears a legal robe.

Trump is merely the recent shock event detonating the explosive politics ravaging the nation. He’s a fuse, a catalyst, an enzyme, a trigger of a gun. One example of the present SD demonstrates the absurdity—and criminality— of the present politics. Despite ”austerity” slashing government programs, the military, scandalized throughout the world by producing enemies instead of eliminating them, will receive, on an already obnoxiously bloated budget, an additonal $50+ billion. This absurdity should be squared by absurdity considering $trillions, TRILLIONS, missing and unaccounted for in years of budgets not audited. Who in their right mind, or any mind at all for that matter, gives and gives and gives without knowing where the money goes? A gram of sense would demand an explanation of the missing money before discussing additional allotments. But who makes demands on the boss of the gang?

Welcome to shock doctrine, Americans.



“Small thieves break the law.
Great thieves make the law.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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