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July 22, 2017 / Fantelius

Fake News, Fake Views, Fake Culture


The previous post (Ghosts of Holy Halo Art) spoke of a high class art exhibition that said nothing. Typical. Modern culture, swamped in decadence, doesn’t have much to say.

Did you see the rose dog?

Did you see the dog, the rose dog, in the picture from the previous post? Most people don’t unless they take the take the time to look. Once you see the dog, that is all you see.

Once you take the time to look at our world, and not what the experts to tell you, you will see very different kinds of dogs, some silent, some with bloody jaws, and many wonders.


”Beauty sings many tunes
to the beat of necessity
and the rhythm of function.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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