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November 5, 2017 / Fantelius

All ”We” Need Is Love


All you need is love, sang the flower-power generation. Don’t worry about how you’re dressed… all you need is love. The fashion industry couldn’t keep up to the creativity of the people dressing themselves in anything that fit.

You didn’t need to get married… all you needed was love. Any kind of a party would do. We’re moving in together… all we need is love.

We need not deal with the differences between the flower-power generation and the culture of today to agree that flower-power culture was defeated and assimilated into the present Barock culture, where extravagant diversions dominate the cultural landscape.
All you need is money.

Defeated doesn’t mean wrong. The bully is constantly defeating his victims. The Age of Enlightenment was defeated by Romanticism. The Age of Enlightenment wasn’t wrong.

It’s always a question of We, Them, Me.

Who are ”We”? Humanity should fit into our We. That’s our only hope.

And ”Them”? Who are ”Them”? Them’s the Ones that got all the money and guns.

Which brings us to ”Me”. Our ”Me” is a gift of life, a present from the sun. Whether we like it or not, recognize it or not, Me is an element in community We. If we pretend that Me is a loose element, We grows weaker by one element.

The community, We, garantees individual freedom. We need look no further than the space we occupy. How much of it contains items we could have produced ourselves? How many of the items contain parts that come from lands and people far away? How many people were involved in mining, growing, manufacturing, packaging, researching, transporting, warehousing and selling the items all over the world? How many people are involved in providing us with transportation whether car or train, bus, cycle, boat or plane?

Our lives, health, freedom and standard can only be provided by the community. A healthy community is based on healthy people. By keeping all of the people healthy everyone keeps healthy. Ditto for freedom and standard. A free people raise the standard of the community to raise the standard for themselves. A healthy community works on projects to enhanced the well-being of the members of the community. A sick community takes from the community to enhance the well-being of a few super-wealthy people.

Are there any doctors in the house? Lovers?


”The size of a wedding does not indicate the length of the marriage.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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