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December 12, 2017 / Fantelius

Anti-Christ Pictures of Jesus

The six-fingered, two right-handed Jesus.

This ”Salvator Mundi” (world savior) Jesus decorating the preacher’s podium assumes a standard pose made famous by Leonardo DaVinci. Thousands of similar sculptures and paintings show Jesus making a two-fingered blessing with one hand and holding a cross-topped orb in the other.

Look closely and notice that he has six fingers on his (disproportionate) right hand and that the hand holding the orb is also a right hand. Was the artist drunk when he made this sculpture? Probably. He might also have been playing a joke on the church authorities or the worshippers. This is not uncommon.

This ”anti-christ” picture, like almost all the statues and pictures of Jesus divert from his teachings and concentrate on his symbolic appearance. They render form and sacrifice content. The Bible does the opposite. The looks of the main characters are not mentioned. Their deeds and goals are described, not their appearances.

The anit-christ Jesus is a celebrity. We meet him in a type of at-home-with-God reportage. We eat his breaded flesh and drink his wined blood and make sure his teachings are not given any prominent significance. We are given symbolic flesh and blood rather than nourishing heart and soul.

While depictions of the holies and the saints continue to spread,  the Jesus:s and Marys of today throughout the world pay with flesh and blood so that empty souls and bloodless hearts can accumulate wealth. Jesus!

This was originally posted on June 24, 2013. I post it again to call your attention to the lines: “He might also have been playing a joke on the church authorities or the worshippers. This is not uncommon.”

Not uncommon? Why would they do that? Why indeed. The sculptor and the church were joined in a contract. He provided the sculpture and the church provided compensation. No religion was present in the negotiations. It was a commercial deal. It was business. Business where one part could steer the conditions from a position of strength, while the other part struggled under vulnerable circumstances. These jokes on the church (a six-fingered Jesus with two right hands), like all good jokes, carries a message beyond the smiles. This is a classic employer-employee relationship. In this case the artist is telling his peers to watch out for this church. They will ripe you off every chance they get.

Maybe he was drunk when he made the hands, but he wasn’t so drunk that he couldn’t make them. When he showed the statue to the church personnel, one of the nuns pointed to the hand, “It has six fingers:”
The artist: “Shame on you sister! SHAME! Repent!
Shock and confusion had heads looking this way and that.
The artist: “This six-fingered hand … and this right hand on his left arm (gasping and such are heard) are Keezelofs, they attract the eye of the devil. (a nun faints.) The person who looks for faults instead of seeing the holy is weak in faith.” (Another nun faints.)

The statue remains in place in this admirable church where the parishioners are so strong in faith that none of them seem to notice the six fingers or the right left hand.


“God is for everyone.
Have mercy!”
Dartwill Aquila

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