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February 26, 2018 / Fantelius

Can You Spot the Propaganda?


CNN ran an article titled:
”China to drop presidential term limits, clearing way for Xi Jinping to stay on”
Can you spot the propaganda? Hint: you don’t have to read the article, which, btw, doesn’t tell us that China is about to ”drop presidential term limits”, but, if a new proposal becomes legitimized, Jinping will be allowed to serve a third term.
Note: US president Roosevelt was elected for a third and forth period in the 1940s.

China is a capitalist country. They fly the communistic flag in the same way as the West flies the democratic flag. Both these systems, regardless of how they are labeled, are money-oriented. China lost it’s people-oriented trajectory even before Mao died.

The title exemplifies typical structural propaganda from the ”democratic” camp of the money-oriented world order. The intellectuals of this camp nod their heads and smirk when seeing the title. Few read the actual article, but it doesn’t matter. ”See,” think the intellectuals, ”those guys are about to have a permanent leader. They don’t play by the honorable rules of government as we do. Thank god we have the system we have.”

This is the same reasoning that believes it makes a difference which clown is ”elected” to be the figurehead of one of the money-oriented ”democratic” systems owned and ruled by the richest of the richest.

As long as a money-oriented system is in place, a picture of a dead cat can serve (permanently or not) as the figurehead. It matters little what color flag waves over the proceedings. The money-heavy rulers will be calling the shots in any case.


”Judging the quality of a political system by its representative
is like judging the quality of a car by its color.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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