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March 15, 2018 / Fantelius

Shit-Eating Experts


Part 1 – Genius in the Hood
You could not spend time around young boys in the Bronx in the 1950s without hearing, ”Eat shit!” This vulgar invective expressed disapproval but could even stand for disagreement among friends.
”The new Chevy is the best car.”
”Eat shit! The Ford creams it.”

When the expression was becoming tired from frequent usage someone invented a response. ”Eat shit!” would encounter the question, ”And what should I do with your bones?”
This spread like wild fire and threatened to burn away ”Eat shit!” forever until a comeback to the question revitalized it.

”And what should I do with your bones?”
”Build a cage around your mother.”

This might have been the origin of the ”Your mother…” line of humor. In any case it demonstrates the creativity among the city ”deplorables” trudging though the concrete jungles of the time.

Part 2 – Knowledge and Intelligence
The creativity (intelligence) of people on all social levels, in all occupations and in all societies bubbles forth constantly. We’ve all seen, and been part of, a group of workers burst into laughter fused by creative expression. We’ve also experienced highly educated people who can’t seem to find their nose without a map and whose sense of humor matches that of a wash cloth.

Knowledge is a collection of facts, a storehouse of knowing. A doctor’s knowledge of anatomy terms and the workings of the body provides no more creativity or intelligence than a mechanic’s knowledge of vehicle terms and the workings of a car. The educated people propagate the official myth that education, the collection of (academic) knowledge, builds intelligence. Those who don’t have an official education find few channels to oppose the official myth. Exceptionally, a highly educated person such as Ph.D Leo Buscaglia steps forward and says, ”Some of the stupidest people I know have PhDs.”

Part 3 – Cosmic Stupidity Among Scientists
The academic community has demonstrated lack of intelligence on many occasions. The ridiculous cold fusion theory as well as the string theory found many adherents among ”rocket scientists”, not to mention the Big Bang nonsense claiming that an infinitely small something from somewhere started everything. I know what a kid from the Bronx would say to that.

The field of literature has no lack of stupid experts. Many giants of knowledge volunteered as cheer leaders for Hitler for example. How smart was that? A glorious experiment but a literary failure such as James Joyce’s Ulysses still enjoys super book status among literati despite its unreadability, a ”great” book that nobody can read.

When we enter the territory of political ”science” and economics the beasts of stupidity can be found at the top of the pecking order.

Part Conclusion – The Treasure of Intelligence
Unfortunately, all too many people depend on academic experts and official authorities for explanations and solutions to the problems and ills of our times. Dear citizens, the problems of our times are the results of the experts and authorities. You possess a treasure of intelligence within you. Open the chest! Trust yourself and those around you! One thing is certain, no one is going to solve your problems. You, together with your equals, will have to do it or it won’t get done. Surely you are smart enough to realize that.


”Pompous academic invective:
You appear to be a coprophagic sphincter ani externus
(= a shit-eating asshole).”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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