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April 21, 2018 / Fantelius

Energy Crisis of the Flesh


The greatest and most tragic energy crisis walks, crawls and begs among us.

Humans are the most spectacular and intelligent form of energy available, solar energy in the flesh, the only form of energy capable of diverting humanity from the trail of extinction. These magnificent biological machines processing energy are abused, misused or not used at all while problems grow and spread like naked landfills spitting angry steel and bleeding fire. All this energy, all this intelligent energy capable of making choices and decisions, gifted with the ability to judge right from wrong, and endowed with the talent to love, trudge under clouds on sunny days and twist in dark frustration laced with fearful chills on star-confused nights. Or lay dormant. Or enslaved. Or broken. Or confused in a boat of illusion on a river of tears pouring through the cracks of a seemingly lonely soul.

All this energy, enough to do everything that needs to be done, suffers in obedience to false idols preaching glittering lies and diversions from manicured smiles. This intelligent energy is afflicted with ignorance cultivated with industrial efficiency by titled whores drugged on worthless gifts and junk esteem. This beautiful and graceful energy that can dance from heart to heart and sing smiles on simple gestures limps in clumsy fear injected by greed-diseased powers for the sole reason of maintaining greed-diseased power.

Only the power of all human energy united in harmony in the body of humanity is powerful enough to remedy the ills that threaten us all and turn the earth into a garden of lust for a healthy world of love, justice and the pursuit of happiness.


”If we listen humbly,
we can hear the power of life
whispering our name
in the call to struggle.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.


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