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May 17, 2018 / Fantelius

Private Power, Collective Death


Ten thousand years of proof screams about the devastating nature of private power. When plots of land and the resources of the earth are controlled by private interests the community suffers. Inequality, injustice and all species of evil flourish when individuals, or a group of the most powerful/wealthy, rule the collective. Always have. Always will.

Capitalism is a modern form of private power based on monetary wealth. It follows the same pattern of resource accumulation into the hands of fewer and fewer people as did all the property based societies of the past run by pharaohs, kings, shoguns, popes or emperors. They all fell causing enormous destruction and loss of lives on the way down.

Today, enhanced with digital technology and global reach, the resources of the world have become the property of a tiny group of money-powerful people who rule behind the scenes and determine the course of events. Their rule threatens (besides each other) the existence of humanity. They saturate the cultural sphere with the worship of wealth and obedience to the prevailing order. This atmosphere cultivates ignorance, fear, hatred, frustration, sickness, desperation, decadence, crime, conflicts and war, or simply and typically, as mentioned above, inequality, injustice and all species of evil.

The ”information” flowing down from the heights of power is so pervasive that (besides the circus of supposedly opposing parties) even many of the strongest objectors to the status quo fail to object to the basic conditions generating the evils.

Although people can build collective power from almost all circumstances, they waste their time and energy trying to influence the people who are locked into maintaining the system of private power generating the evils afflicting the clan of humanity.

How do you build collective power? All you need is love and determination. People can provide each other with many of their needs and give support in many ways. Even basic medical care can be dealt with outside of hospitals and formal medical centers. Not only can basic medical knowledge be learned by anyone, but analytic machines are relatively inexpensive. Neither a doctor or nurse analyzes blood, a machine does. Who is going to educate our children? Some schools and teachers do an adequate job, at least for basic reading, writing and math, but even the ”better” schools function as indoctrination institutes for adherence to the prevailing order. Surely we can’t wait for the powerful to form viable collectives?

One thing is certain, nothing is going to save humanity other than humanity, and definitely not the tiny group of money-powerful people causing the problems.


”There is so much to be done.
Don’t let that prevent you from doing what you can.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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