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September 2, 2018 / Fantelius

Love Hunter


They hunt love in the jungle of things
imagining themselves well equipped,
unaware of the burden of their needs
or the handicap of their wants.

They are loaded with Musts, Oughts and Shoulds
as if love cared about laws or rules
other than the law of life
and the rule of obedience to the dictates of unity.
They think by capturing love they can train it
to produce happiness
whenever they clap their emptiness.

They want to give and take,
but love never takes.
It gives and grows by what it receives.
It cares not for things.
Caresses weigh more than gifts.
A passing kiss on the back of the neck
can grow into priceless passion.

They fear to stand naked in the face of life,
apologize for the purity of their desires
and look for love among things.
Silly flowers fearing being desired as fruit
imagining that love can be captured.
Love is the hunter.


”Love lives within you,
as basic as the links
in the heart of every cell
holding the chain of DNA together.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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