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October 26, 2018 / Fantelius

Wrap Our Minds Around Our Bodies


We should wrap our minds,
our Homo sapiens’ minds,
around “Humanity”
the all inclusive sum of its humans.
We are humans.
Humanity is our body.
the health, strength and wisdom of humanity
concern us greatly.
Humanity must reflect healthy,
strong and wise humans.

Humans are a form of intelligent energy.
Intelligence is nothing mystical.
It’s the ability to handle many choices
to adapt to different and changing circumstances.
Humans can survive in arctic climates,
desert dunes
and everything in between.
We are adaptable to a great amount of varied surroundings.
But not all.

The sperm count in male humans has been dropping drastically
for decades.
How are we going to adapt to infertile males in the near future?

Our children are born with polluted blood
containing micro chemicals and particles
from the air, the water, and in the foods we eat.
How are we to adapt to increased pollution of our unborn?

Allergies among the young have been increasing vigorously.
We will soon not ask people if they are allergic
but what allergies do they have?
We can also talk about skyrocketing frequency of brain tumors,
the obesity epidemic
the plague of suicides
or the bouquet of mental conditions
wearing combinations of capital letters.

Diabetes 1 (D1), child diabetes,
is the canary-in-the-mine.
Unlike Diabetes 2,
D1 strikes otherwise healthy children.
Ten years ago D1 was increasing by an alarming 3% worldwide.
Today it is increasing by 5%.
D1 knocks out the ability to produce insulin.
Insulin is a noble protein,
one of the oldest, smallest and most common proteins
among the 1000s produced in the cells of all life.
Insulin regulates the intake of sugar into the cell.
No insulin, no energy to the cell.
Bad. Very Bad.
Today we make insulin chemically
and inject it into the people with D1 daily.
Once the body starts knocking out protein production,
it’s just a matter of time
before the production of a vital protein goes down,
and it can’t be synthesized as with the tiny insulin protein.
Bad. Too Bad.
We should wrap our minds,
our Homo sapiens’ minds,
around “Humanity”.


”His beautilful ideas wanted to fly,
but his heavy life
wouldn’t let them try.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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