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March 11, 2019 / Fantelius

Four For-Facts About Media


1. For Profit
The media produces newspapers, magazines, TV and radio programs, films and books for the primary purpose of making money. The media is a business run mostly by large corporations. Exceptionally, government or public organizations also produce media products, but these, for the most part, differ insignificantly from corporate productions. Small organizations and single-person ventures (such as this blog) also play in the media game, but represent a tiny proportion of the whole, even though their influence can be somewhat larger than cold statistics indicate.
To summarize: The media is a business. The companies that do not produce profits disappear.

2. For the System
Besides making money, the media promotes, maintains and defends the established form and function of society, aka “the prevailing order”; “the status quo”; “the dominant socio-economic structure”; “capitalism”; “democracy”; “the establishment” or simply “the system”. Whatever the name, it is basically a profit-oriented system controlled by 1%ers commanding a handful of power corporations determining what news, facts, and views are served to the people so that the money-oriented way of life continues.

3. For the Job
Many system critics complain about journalists who do not produce “real” or relevant information. The journalists, like salaried people in general, do what they are paid to do. They are no more responsible for the content of their reports than a McDonalds’ employee is responsible for the hamburgers passed over the counter.

4. For Sanity’s Sake
The condition of the world developing toward a dark future is the result of the prevailing political, economic, cultural and social norms that brought us here. The media functions as cheer leaders for these norms and the system coordinating them, while criticizing obvious flaws (to appear oppositional and trustworthy), and recommending bouquets of solutions that don’t interfere with business as usual, that is to say, don’t disturb the prevailing money-oriented order of things. For the sake of a people-oriented world, close your ears to the noise of official disinformation and shut your eyes to the glare of diverting visions. For sanity’s sake listen to the wind talking to the trees, drink dew drops of friendly words, and watch the world as it turns toward the light.


”Trust in the media endangers your species.”

Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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