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May 1, 2019 / Fantelius

The Only History You Need


The one thing you need to know about history:

History shows us the rise and fall of power. Whether a small group, kingdom or empire, we see the growth, consolidation and fall of power. Always. Everywhere. Sometimes several entities grow at the same time, but eventually one (an empire) dominates a great territory. And falls.
The configuration of this power always takes a pyramidal shape. A little group at the top lays claim to most of the resources, uses the labor of the majority, and determines policies. Always. Everywhere.
The dynamics of the rise and fall of power are characterized by conflict, violence and destruction. Always. Everywhere. The periods of consolidation are relatively calm because injustice and exploitation are formalized, and the violence occurs individually or on a small scale.
The cause of this history falls solely on the principle of private property*. Individuals are geared to compete for the ownership of the resources of the earth, and, by virtue of their ownership, command the course of events. Violent and destructive conflicts cannot be avoided. Waste of energy, resources and lives cannot be avoided. Always. Everywhere.

Peace is always a temporary state to recover from a war or to prepare (aggressively or defensively) for the next one. The ambitions to find lasting peace and security in a society based on the principle of private property are as unrealistic as ambitions to live in paradise alongside vegetarian tigers and wolves.

The good news is that our minds have evolved oriented toward a community where everyone works for the benefit of everyone, and the chance of the leadership making a decision to the advantage of a few at the expense of the majority is zero, as was the case for 100s of 1000s of years of hunter-gatherer societies.

A world where everyone is secure in their needs is not a utopian dream, but the only hope of sustaining the existence of Homo sapiens.

Know your history or perish!

*Private property (as opposed to community property, not personal property) permits individual ownership of the resources of nature with the right to dominate anyone who uses these resources. A society based on the principle of private property is nothing other than a vicious winner-takes-all battle where the Last Owner Standing dies.
Fantelius, The First May Day, 2019


”A fool like me speaks truth to a tree
that doesn’t shout, “Fool!” and claim to be free.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.


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