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September 6, 2019 / Fantelius

Our Role in Life


What is the meaning of life?
Such a childish question.
What is the meaning of grass, rocks and sand,
wood, cloth and a helping hand?
What’s the meaning of soft, hard, fancy and plain,
wind, bird songs, smiles and rain?

When the basics have all been found,
brain’s complete and ready to bound,
the time is ripe for an adult task,
to look at life without ego and ask,
What’s my role in life?

With a little luck we see the light
generating matter’s movement and flight.
We’ll be able to speak with secrets within us
and learn what’s real, and what to trust.

Truth lives within every form of life.
How could it not?
It’s part of the plot
in the drama of life where truth is love’s wife.
Life’s holy force has brought us here.
to struggle for justice, to sweat, laugh and swear.
It’s more than hope, it’s survival’s only tale.
There’s room for mistakes, but no room to fail.

What’s the purpose of living?
Kiss me, stupid,
and I’ll tell you about craving and serving,
a little about receiving
and all about giving.


”The flame of life can burn away evil and generate the power of love.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.


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