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November 11, 2019 / Fantelius

The Guru Stump on Homo sapiens


I finally met Hahirett after weeks of wandering in the ancient forest of Lownorth. The other creatures of the forest had assured me that she possessed more wisdom than all the pines of the evergreens, and more secrets than the roots of the forest had forgotten. I got down on my knees and bowed before her.
“Honorable Hahirett, what can I learn to serve the needs of life?”
“I see no desire to serve the needs of life,” she answered, “I see a desire to serve yourself.”
“Not just myself, but my whole species. I wish to save Homo sapiens, if that’s what you mean by saving myself.”
“You are the latest form of life and you are asking an ancient form of vegetation for advice. You seem an extremely foolish person, or…”
She went silent. The entire forest housed no sound.
“Or you are afraid to command your responsibility. You have lost contact with the force of life within you and desperately search for a savior, a magic solution; an easy way out. Homo sapiens, indeed! Sapiens means intelligent. Why have you abandoned your intelligence”?
“Is it unintelligent to seek advice?”
“Do you imagine that I know more about Homo sapiens than you do?”
“No, I assume you know more about life in general.”
“Why?! Because you are old and wise.”
“I know about the forest and life in the forest. Are you planning to become some form of vegetation, or a bird? Or a worm perhaps?”
She spoke so pleasantly.
“You are toying with me.”
“We have so few toys in the forest.”
“OK, I get it. You’re not going to help me.”
“I can tell you a secret.”
“OK, what is it?”
“You can do what needs to be done, and the knowledge of how lives within you.”
“Is that it?”
“I can tell you another secret.”
“Which is?”
“Homo sapiens are heading along a path that leads to extinction and the rest of life will be glad when you’re gone. If you can give me one reason why we shouldn’t be, I’ll tell you how to serve the needs of life.”
The light of the world went out. Darkness poured through me. A distant echo repeated: “One reason. One reason.”
A large tear was about to leave my eye when I saw it reflected a spark of light.
“You’ll lose your toys.”
Hahirett laughed. A hearty laugh that could encourage a worm to try to dance.
“OK, fair enough. I’ll tell you how to serve the needs of life even though I believe I’m wasting my oxygen-pure breath. Despite your magnificence you behave like sad, money-whipped super slaves. Homo sapiens posses extraordinary intelligence, yet ducks have a better chance of survival than you have. You have language but cannot get along. You have technology and use it to kill and destroy. You have a dynamic social competence that allows you to form groups of any size or purpose, yet you cannot live in peace. You live in fear and follow the very worst or your kind, those who lay claim to the resources of the world and convince you to abandon the needs of your community to supply their bottomless greed. You are truly powerful and sapient, but behave as though you were helpless Homo dummiens heading toward the cliffs of extinction herded by rulers who claim to own the resources of the world and consequently the right to rule (own) you. How sapient does one have to be to see that the resources of the world cannot be owned by any individual. They are the property of life and belong to any form of life capable of using them. A money-oriented (private-ownership oriented) way of life follows a rise-and-fall trajectory of violence and destruction to inevitably—as witnessed by 1000s of years of history—end in total destruction. A people-oriented (community-controlled) way of life is the only hope of creating a peaceful, just and healthy form of sustainable existence in harmony with the conditions of nature. How do you serve the needs of life? By serving the needs of your people, the community of Homo sapiens. Surprise! Surprise!
“Go now Toy, and become a Tool in the service of Homo sapiens.”


”A fashionable hat and beautiful hair can sit on head with nothing there.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.


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