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January 30, 2020 / Fantelius

The Rotting Chairmen

Think of getting out of the box.
In September of 2014 a “great” march took place in New York City. The organizers claimed that this march/demonstration “would change everything” because the people (one million?) were “demanding bold action from our world leaders to do something about global warming.”

I wrote: “Let’s hope the marchers have a good time. They will accomplish nothing. After the march and after the climate summit and after all the sunshine words in the fog, it will be back to BUSINESS as usual, that is to say, the merciless beasts will be back to hunting profits.”

How many times do we have to perform this farce of appealing to the “leaders” before we realize it’s not going to change anything. We don’t have leaders. We have rulers. But whatever we call them; leaders, rulers, owners or merciless beasts, we must be blind not to see that the people in control are out of control. We demand improvements and things get worse and worser (sic) year after year after year. Business as usual; the status quo; the prevailing order, hunts profit. It’s a money-oriented system and the tiny group of people at the top of the system will do anything and everything to keep the system going. The people’s welfare and the fate of humanity do not figure into their calculations. We don’t exist for them as human beings, but as numbers on their charts as consumers or voters or “useless eaters.” Our fate, needs and desires reach them as problems, not concerns. They view a people-oriented society, as opposed to their money-oriented one, as a deadly threat.

Unfortunately, almost all of those who are aware of the decadence and dangers of the prevailing money-oriented structure of the global village, maintain a pre-digital perspective of struggle along with a analogue language to talk about it.

See (click on) Green Denial above.


”Think of getting out of the box.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.


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