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April 14, 2020 / Fantelius

Patriotism > Matriotism > Homsism

”I’m sick and tired of this thing called ‘patriotism.’”

The quote is from William Blum, who, like many of his intellectual peers both past and present, trips over a piece of ignorance to make a ridiculous statement. I wonder if, when he falls, he says, ”I’m sick and tired this thing called gravity.”

Patriotism is a biological response to a threat against one’s community, a primitive response as natural to biological creatures as gravity to the laws of physics. The patriotic response can be witnessed in herds, flocks and packs when the group is threatened. In society-building species such as bees, ants and homs (homo sapiens), the response is particularly intensive and violent. Individuals on the front lines of defense risk and offer their lives for the sake of the community.

A community can survive the death of individuals, but no individual survives the death of the community. Patriotism, the natural tendency to defend one’s community, has been exploited by the owners of society and employed in the defense of their own interests. This has been done for thousands of years by pharaohs, emperors, kings, sultans and all forms of potentates, and will continue until we see that the owners of the community defend nothing beyond their own power and wealth derived from an illusion of their ownership.

The illusion of ownership
A community can be divided, but it can’t be owned; no more than the earth and its resources can be owned. Life and nature may appear to accept such insults, but they follow rules beyond the limits of a mere species, regardless of the species’ arrogance and imagined strength. In time, all insults are repaid.

Once the subjects of the rulers couple their patriot response to their own community, the community of citizens, the power of true patriotism will shatter their chains of servitude to the false rulers, the illegitimate owners who award themselves the right to represent the people by virtue of their wealth and their spectacular illusions of democracy. Once the people shed their sick-and-tired passivity and obedience to debased nationalism in the service of despots, tyrants, plutocrats and all manner of rulers waving ”patriotic” symbols, the road to liberation, peace, prosperity, justice and love will lie open.

Perhaps it’s time to abandon the compromised term patriotism (defense of the fatherland). Even the term matriotism (defense of mother earth) should be inadequate, not to mention arrogant. The latest “pandemic” has shown that the community of Homo sapiens (Homs; humanity) is our greatest entity, the ultimate community. We, the latest form of life, of intelligent living energy, the children of the sun and the earth, are one. Homsism (defense of our species) calls. Homsists unite! We have nothing to lose but our illusions and obedience to false, decadent, money-oriented rulers. The harmonious world of people-oriented people awaits us.

We either struggle together for each other or we perish together.


”You are a child of the sun and the earth, intelligent living energy, life’s latest creation. You own the authority of life to bear responsibility for your species.” Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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